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FIRE-MAPLE (Fire Maple) is a series of standardized, diversified, safe and reliable mobile kitchen products specially designed for outdoor sports. Through cooperation with internationally renowned brands and manufacturing companies, we use simple and practical design, high-standard raw materials, and the most advanced processing technology in the country to create products. In addition to being used alone, each product developed in this way can be assembled or combined in different ways so that all participants can experience and share the joy of the whole food production process.

Wasp FMS-300T mini burner
Ultralight: The lightest camping stove in the world, weighing only 45 grams
Minimal volume: the storage volume is equivalent to a lipstick
Strong firepower: 2600W
Firm: High-strength titanium alloy ensures strong support

The Firefly 300T "Wasp" micro gas stove passed the review of 57 judges from 14 countries on three continents through ISPO AWARD, and won the 2013 Gold Award from ISPO AWARD (Asia) "GOLD WINNER"!

Stable structure, strong outdoor windproof ability

Horizon 1 camping titanium pot
Ultralight: Ultralight bedding designed for extreme outdoor enthusiasts.
Safe: Made of 99.7% pure titanium that is safe and non-toxic.
Texture: External anti-fingerprint coating on titanium alloy body
Comprehensive: Suitable for a variety of cooking including frying

UV Printer is a kind of "non-contact" ink jet type digital equipment, uv printer application is very extensive. Using the devices supporting the UV ink, in addition to the fabric can't print, uv printer can printing almost all other material (mobile phone cover, leather, signs, light boxes, mobile power supply, Flash memory disk, KT board, stone, silica gel, wood, ceramic, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS etc.) material can be color printing, finished with scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistance to fade. To achieve a true sense of a seal, no plate, spray dry, a complete color image.


Uv Flatbed Printer

UV Printer is the latest UV machine of refinecolor company . This model is designed for industrial bulk production with high printing speed, which can print on almost any material directly .With UV light irradiating during printing procedure, images on object surface are dry fast and Scratch resistance.

UV Printer

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