Troubleshoot a ghosting failure

A Roland 702 offset printing machine of the company has been used for 5 years, generally printing 90-250g /? Coated paper and cardboard. Once found that there is a ghosting failure on the drive side of the printed product during printing, immediately shut down, and check various influencing factors according to experience:

(1) Is the blanket aging? Since there is no ghost image on the operation side of the printed product, the cause of the aging of the blanket can be ruled out.

(2) Are the rubber roller linings of different thickness? After updating the package, the fault still exists, indicating that the problem is not here.

(3) Is the printing pressure balanced? After inspection, the printing pressure is consistent.

(4) Is the pressure on the water roller and ink roller normal? After inspection, the pressure of each water plate and ink roller is normal, and the ink is normal.

(5) Is the gripper loose? After inspection, adjustment, and trial printing, it was found that there were no ghosting problems in the first few sheets. The ghosting phenomenon began only after the 10th sheet, and it was light and shallow, indicating that the problem was not on the gripper.

(6) Are the front and side regulations normal? Checking the needle position, it was found that there was a needle position jump in the previous picture, so we suspect that it is the problem of the pre-regulation. But after inspection, the front and side regulations are also normal.

Finally, it was found that the platen roller on the drive side near the front gauge was too loose. After adjustment, the ghosting fault was removed.

Author: Wang Jianming Zhejiang Ideal Group

     Silica gel relative to the ceramic tableware, plastic tableware, hardware, silica gel tableware harmony together with temperature, in which food is cold is hot, can protect the temperature of the food itself, reduce the loss of the change of temperature and a period of time in the silicone bowl or pot food can still maintain the original temperature, when use won't convey the temperature of the corresponding to the user. Moreover, the particularity of the silicone material itself, which is different from other materials, makes the products produced by it have an amazing effect. For example, landing silent food containers, after high temperature cooking, will not produce harmful substances. And tableware but fold, can knead, can turn over, chuai also does not take a space in the pocket, also won't adsorb smeary. Its own desiccant effect, will not because of long-term storage and moldy, qualitative change.
And because of silica gel temperature resistant properties, heat resistance of 240 ℃ high temperature deformation, won't produce hardening phenomenon to 40 ℃, so the product is fully staffed, very practical, we don't have to classification of casual in a microwave, don't worry about the melting and aging and yellowing phenomenon, and it is easy washing, can use less or even do not use detergent containing chemical substances, practicability and convenience are very strong, very suitable for use in their life.

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