Treatment of common problems in paving and compaction of gravel base

The gravel substrate will encounter many problems in the roller compaction process. It is necessary to analyze the specific conditions and adopt different methods to solve it:


When rolling, there are serious wheel marks, peeling, and pressure failure phenomena: You can check whether the thickness exceeds the specified value, the water content is too low, or even dry pressure. The method of treatment, if the water content is too low or no watering should be promptly sprinkled water. If the structural layer is too thick, the structural layer should be thinned and rolled in two layers.

Unstable during rolling: To see if the gravel mechanism is loosely sized or the coarse aggregate is too big, too much, too little, the bulk material is picked out or blended with some artificially graded gravel , adjust the gravel grading.

When rolling compacted mud and cracks serious: In this case, most of the gravel is too much mud. The method of treatment is to remove the mud-rich part of the soil with a sieve and then add a small amount of sand.

There is slight looseness and false pressure in the rolling process: this may be due to excessive water content or excessive concentration of fine sand in the gradation. The method of processing is mixing and drying, and if necessary, it can be replaced with new graded sand.

On the surface there is concentrated aggregate (blossom) or sand nest phenomenon: This is when the paving is done, the gravel gradation is destroyed and coarse aggregates are separated. The treatment method is to dig out the places where the coarse aggregates or fine aggregates are concentrated, fill the fine sand or coarse aggregates appropriately by artificial grading method, and mix them evenly, and then fill them back to the original place and sprinkle the water properly. Pressure.

After rolling, it has become a plate, but there are fine cracks: it is unreasonable to use mechanical properties, change the tonnage roller suitable for the thickness of the structure.

There are no abnormalities on the surface, but the density is not enough: it may be that the water content is not enough or the number of times of roller compaction is not enough. The method of treatment can be properly sprinkled, increasing the number of times of rolling.

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