The world's first two-stage high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous DC inverter centrifugal unit leads the world

Abstract: The world's first two-stage high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous DC inverter centrifugal unit is the treasure of Gree's world-class refrigeration technology experience museum. The centrifuge is the most important model in central air conditioning. The biggest advantage of this unit is energy saving, with a COP of more than 7, IPLV of 11.68, and a power saving of more than 40%. After the authoritative appraisal of 5 academicians and 8 experts, it has more than 100 patented technologies, including more than 20 invention patents, which is at the international advanced level.

At present, Gree is the only manufacturer of large-scale DC inverter centrifuge technology in the world. The serial production of Gree DC inverter centrifuges means that Chinese companies control the highest technology of central air conditioning, which will lead to further changes in the structure of the central air conditioning market. From technology to market, it can be said that Gree created the era of large-scale central air conditioning "DC inverter" .

Gree has successfully developed a series of DC inverter centrifuges from 250 tons to 1500 tons, and has successfully won more than 50 large-scale projects including the School of Finance of Tsinghua University and Foshan Smart New City, covering more than 20 provinces across the country.

The centrifuge impeller is the core component of the centrifuge unit. The centrifuge impeller is designed and manufactured using the most advanced international design platform. It is the latest and top technological achievement in the field of aeroengine design.

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