The wooden window installation structure should be firm and flat without warping

The structure of the door and window should be firm and flat without warping.

Door and window frames and door sashes with a thickness greater than 50 shall be double-twisted. When the frame and fan are assembled, the gutter should be tightly fitted, glued with rubber, and tightened with rubber wedges.

The door and window frame and the wall should be filled with fullness.

The wooden frame should be straight and the wound should be flat. The switch should be flexible and free from backlash.

The door and window hardware is suitable for installation, the groove side is neat, the hardware is complete, and it is tightened with wood screws. It must not be replaced with nails. The door and window draping, the cover strip, the seam strip and the sealing strip are installed in the same size and are firmly combined with the door and window.

Paints and coatings applied to doors and windows should be smooth, flat, without brush marks, consistent in color, without defects such as leakage coating, sand, stains and falling.

EVA foam insert
EVA packaging box insert is made of EVA Foam Material after die cutting, laminating, Xian drilling, grinding, hot pressing, 

cold pressing and CNC machine tool forming. The EVA lining is suitable for the packaging of any products,

and has shockproof protection function. At present, we have 3,000 kind of Eva foam packing shapes as per drawing.

Description of Eva Foam Insert


EVA foam insert

foam insert for wine

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EVA Foam Insert

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