The toys we played when we were young.

Feather duster is a simple game tool. It doesn't cost money to make it. Just use a flower cloth to sew the copper coins or metal pieces, and then sew a piece of goose hair about 1 inch long on one side, then insert it carefully. The colorful cock's hair, a beautiful game tool is made.

Feather duster
Tetris is a popular global video game console and handheld game console game. It was invented by Russian Alexei Pakitnov, hence the name. The basic rule of Tetris is to move, rotate, and place the various blocks that the game automatically outputs, arranging them into one or more lines and eliminating the score. Because it is simple to use, suitable for both young and old, it is a household name and popular in the world.

A bubbler called "bubble glue" is something that many people have played since childhood. In fact, bubble gum is a small box with a blowpipe and a roll of glue. The glue is applied to one end of the blowpipe, and the other is blown with a mouth. A bubble made of glue is formed.

Bubble glue

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