The three requirements of three-dimensional printing technology

1. Three requirements for three-dimensional printing

1) Based on offset printing technology, the printing coated paper weight is not less than 250g/m2;

2) Pure printing ink, high temperature resistance, fast drying;

3) The number of screens should not be less than 300 lines/inch or be made by using the Feilu version.

2. Three elements of three-dimensional printing

1) Data unification: Manuscripts, pixel data, and print images are always kept consistent with the pitch of the lenticular grating to avoid interference fringes in the finished image due to the difference in data, affecting visual effects.

2) Accurate overprint: The error between pixel and grating must not exceed 0.0001 ‰. Because of any deviation of the color plate, when the grating is compounded, an illusion of a different color image is generated, so that the entire picture color and the image are divorced and cannot be viewed.

3) Rich layers: Printed outlets are clear, full, dense and not obscure, sparse and not lost. If the outlets get out of control, it will result in a polarization of the density and affect the ideal reproduction of the three-dimensional and spatial images.

4) Prohibition of telescopic: Strictly controlling the amount of expansion and contraction of printed matter is the key to ensuring perfect reproduction of stereoscopic images. The expansion and contraction of the printed image will deviate from the constraints of the grating pitch, resulting in a change in the visual positioning of the image, and the appearance of reverse images, erroneous images, and visual vertigo.

5) Adjust the angle of the network cable: The difference between the angles of the three-dimensional printing screens for three-dimensional printing should be smaller than that of ordinary offset printing. For example, the angle of the network line of 300 lines/inch is K37.5°C37°, m20°, and Y22.3°. The purpose is to make the dot combination. In the cylinder surface of the lenticular grating, color lines are arranged laterally to ensure the balanced transition of the color image layer, and the occurrence of a collision plate due to the equal angle between the screen line and the vertical grating stripe is avoided, and an abnormal moiré appears, which affects the smooth reproduction of the color stereoscopic image.

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