The new packaging era, new packaging awareness (below)

How can we combine it with environmental awareness?

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of packaging materials, and try not to use those non-reusable, non-renewable disposable materials to reduce the use of difficult-to-recover materials.

3) Selection, highlight design.

The planning design of commodity packaging is not without regularity, nor does it mean that planning and design is the patent of an expert. There is no doubt that experts' knowledge and experience are much richer, and the involvement of experts will make things better. However, it should be emphasized that all enterprise managers should master its basic knowledge, because the company's history, status quo and future development are the best for the enterprise itself, and the specific implementation of enterprise packaging design depends on the company itself, especially those who do not have A small company that invites experts to plan design conditions can also boldly design and plan their own packaging based on their own knowledge.

However, it is not possible to move or apply other people's, have their own choices, this is the selection, choose the right for their own, suitable for consumer use, to highlight the design, win the consumer's approval, so as to win profits.

4) Cause consumers' purchase motivation.

We know that the consumer’s motivation to purchase begins with attention. The process is as follows:





The function of packaging design is to arouse the attention of consumers, that is, good packaging design is the source of consumer purchase motivation. Just as in cultural marketing, product cultural marketing is the core of cultural marketing, specifically embodied in product design modeling culture, packaging culture, trademark brand culture, etc., in order to attract the eyes of consumers in order to achieve the purpose of product cultural marketing.

Let's take the Mid-Autumn Festival as an example.

The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been the sales season for moon cakes. The number of consumers who choose mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival gifts has been increasing. On the other hand, due to the lucrative profit margins of moon cakes, the manufacturers are either in the terminal's promotional support or they are The high-end advertising has a lot to do with the intensity, especially in the packaging design, including a lot of work and brains.

The same mooncakes can be fixed in low-grade products because they are covered with a simple plastic outerwear. When it is put on a medium-sized carton, it is among the mid-range products. However, once the designers design a small moon cake in a When it was gorgeous and beautifully packaged, it changed again and became a high-end product. The price is also because this can be a difference of tens or even hundreds of dollars.

Why is there such a big gap?

It is generally used to buy low-grade moon cakes, especially semi-finished cakes that do not require precise packaging (the kind that is packaged in transparent plastic). That is what they eat at home and pay attention to their tastes. To buy mid-range and high-end products, it is definitely used. Gifts, of course, look good!

5) Conspicuous and affinity.

Nowadays, many of the commodity packaging are designed to capture consumers' eyeballs, and they intentionally make a difference, that is to say, their products are indeed eye-catching, but the packaging itself is a dialogue with consumers. This kind of deliberate innovation is lost. Affinity will only leave most of the consumers away from it.

Luxury packaging design is not difficult, it is difficult to achieve a harmonious and consistent packaging and goods, high-level packaging strategies, not blindly luxurious, expensive. The external packaging should represent the innermost nature of the product. The packaging should stimulate the senses and induce the desire to buy. The packaging needs unique creativity and careful design.

Like the "Nongge Brothers" non-toxic vegetables, their product selling point is non-toxic residue, the image selling point is the local flavor, the product is very good, but the flat market can not be hot. However, if the designer attaches this affinity product to a packaging that is deliberately unconventional, its sales can be imagined.

6) Accumulation of corporate image.

Corporate image is the overall impression of a company in the eyes of the public and consumers. It is a comprehensive reflection of corporate culture and external performance. It is the overall impression and evaluation of the enterprise. Corporate image is reflected through the image of employees, the image of products, and the image of the environment. A good corporate image can have strong cohesion, centripetal force, and charisma within the company, and it can give the public a good sense of trust in the company.

The corporate image is a combination of corporate product image, service image, managerial image, employee image, and public relations image. It is the explicit form of corporate culture. What kind of corporate culture is there is what kind of corporate image.

The corporate image is essentially the image of a "corporate person." CI design is corporate identity or corporate image design. It is the performance of corporate image in technology and art. Consisting of MI, BI, and VI. Among them, the VI is the corporate visual image, which mainly includes basic elements such as corporate logos, standard characters, and standard colors, as well as application elements such as office, transportation, uniforms, environment, and packaging design.

In recent years, with the deepening of enterprise reforms and the frequent participation of companies in domestic and foreign markets, corporate image has received widespread attention from inside and outside the company. A good image is an intangible asset of an enterprise and a tool for enterprises to win.

Packaging design, especially good packaging design, can play a role in accumulating corporate image.

When the packaging design style can be serialized and the price level of the packaging design is also serialized, it will serve to deepen and strengthen the memory of consumers.

For example, Master Kong instant noodle, its uniform and changeable packaging design - a unified font, logo, style, and changing colors, modeling. Under the guarantee of quality, it accumulates its good corporate image. Thus, Master Kong instant noodles are no longer an ordinary instant noodles, it has formed a brand. However, this is not the result of people's affirmation of each flavor of Kangshifu instant noodles, but the accumulation of corporate image through packaging design!

In reality, what kind of people should take up this responsibility?

I think it is the art director, industrial designer.

Art directors, industrial designers—designers of merchandise packaging, are obligated to apply correct and healthy design concepts and awareness to every stage of packaging design. They are like parents of commodity packaging and they should be responsible for this responsibility.

Author: Guo Liuqin

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