The necessary conditions for successful weight loss, do you have it?

Why can't I lose so much if I have moved so much?

Why do some people eat more than just fat ?

Why did the weight drop at the beginning, but it didn't take long before I encountered bottlenecks and even fat back ?

Why did the weight drop, but it quickly came back ?

Why are you so much , but is weight loss really so far away ?


   Weight loss is a painful tug-of-war for most people who want to lose weight. After working hard for a while, it is always futile. Perhaps we have neglected a certain link .

    Successfully controlling your weight to the ideal range is what many people dream of, and to accomplish this feat, you need to do a few things ... or actually one thing: a state of mind, followed by diet control, exercise, and so on . . the mind set is very important, I want to accomplish something they want to achieve something is bound to pay the effort, time and physical strength, to sacrifice some part of it may reach.

For example, a sprinter and a coach say:

I want to ran 100 meters world record, but I have a few requirements ..

I don't want to do training because it's too tired.

I don't want to sleep too early because I like nightlife.

I don't want to control the diet because such a lot of food can't be enjoyed.

Does the coach have any way to quickly reach the world record of 100 meters?

Regardless of whether the player is likely to run a world record of 100 meters, from which we can clearly see that what the player lacks is "the desire to break the record". The desire here is not "can be "No desire" is not "not eager to cry for three days," or even the desire to regret it for a lifetime, but the desire to "not reach, like Saturna." The desire to "same with Saturna" does not make the player retreat due to fatigue after training. It will not quit when the score is stagnant or slightly decreased. It is not necessary to say that stealing is not a concern when controlling the diet. It is impossible to conclude that it is impossible to achieve a world record after one or two failures. Therefore, if you set yourself to lose weight, do you want to know why you want to lose weight? How much do you want to control your weight in the ideal range?

Mentality is the first thing that needs to be clearly established. With a positive and positive attitude, the next few suggestions to help reduce weight may actually come in handy, let us look at it ...


To effectively control your weight, there are several general directions that you can start with:

   1: setting clear achievable goals: goal setting needs to be up to the challenge and slightly too simple goal would be easy to fall into the hand of the setting, the easy weight loss is not caused by negligence Zhang, too difficult goal setting is easy to lose confidence and give up

   2: Monitor food intake: a basic understanding of the concept of food balance, and apply to food selection and purchase; make daily food intake records ( including beverages ) to help control energy intake; understand the importance of cooking methods, avoid deterioration Bad sources of nutrition enter the body

   3: Increase physical activity: increase the chance of physical activity from daily life, drive to bicycle, take the elevator to change the stairs, sit and change, etc.; carry out physical activities in a correct way, such as functional muscle strength Training ( the ability to freely control the body ) , energy system development ( including aerobic anaerobic training ), etc.

   4: Looking for help and support: having a partner, friend support, and family eating habits can effectively increase the chances of losing weight. No one wants to have someone eat in front of you when you control your diet, or on a rainy day. When you haven’t exercised for a few days, there are people who want you to rest for a longer road.


   We all know what we need to know, but there are still some small steps that can help you control your weight:

   1: Regular eating can maintain stable blood sugar and help regulate the hormones that control appetite, instead of eating less, the thinner ( short-term weight loss vs long-term weight loss ) .

   2: Studies have shown that regular drinking water can help control weight.

   3: Chewing slowly can effectively control weight, hormones that regulate your appetite take time to take effect, slow chewing can let your brain know when you are full, swallowing too fast, the brain has not yet received a full signal It is easy to eat too much.

   4: Don't buy ingredients when you are hungry, you will never know what you were possessed at the time.

   5: Do you know whether you are emotionally hungry or physical hunger? Are you eating because you are in a bad mood or are you really hungry?

   6: Always remember why and reduce, remember your desire.

   Perhaps most people will think that seeing here are some information that has already been known. It does not say what is a balanced diet, what is a good functional exercise, how to set goals, how to adjust life and work, etc., because these have Before you can't reach it, it is just a little effort to get information. You can get the right information through the Internet, asking professionals, books and magazines, etc. What you get after thinking is the "priceless weight loss formula" that really allows you to take your life for a lifetime.

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