Tender model PK supermodel makeup

Although the voice of the online opposition to the tender model is constant, it is undeniable that this trend led by the tender model has already blown people to rush and follow suit. This time we gathered in Hong Kong, China Taiwan and Japan tender model leader in the makeup and supermodel completely draw the line, a complete effort to expose all the makeup tender!

Tender mold

Tender mold

Tender makeup is popular

Tender makeup VS super makeup

The same way, the same makeup, the same as the makeup effect of the same model, in addition to the age and experience of the debut, in the supermodel and the tender face we saw the same perfect makeup, but in the eye makeup and lip makeup is completely Different makeup effects and gas field.

The tender model camp "private eyeliner + signature eyelashes" go to the world, do you have makeup? There's none? If you want to enlarge the picture and stare at it, you will find that the eyeliner is called a fine nature. Close to the root of the eyelashes, or just the inner eyeliner, everything is the forewart of the curled thick eyelashes - just to make the eyes brighter, rather than highlighting the eyes. Therefore, after two or three years of debut, it is rare to see the tender smoky makeup, or the eye makeup of the tender model only loves silver, white, and powder, and the taste is heavy. Everything from the color to the makeup on the face of the tender mold must be intimate, real and natural – no matter how much thought is spent behind it.

Different lips, as moist and matte

From the beginning of the birth, the tender mold can not be separated from the color of the powder, and a little baby fat is a "characteristic". The sweet route is - tender to get out of the water. Lip peak peach heart, lip color milk tea, lip powder pink and tender - is the lip makeup choice that is the same as the eye makeup. More precisely, hiding the original lip color, pink lip gloss superimposed with transparent lip gloss, is their consistent makeup skills. Eye shadow can be saved, never can not be blush

The cosmetic bag of the tender model can't be separated from the blush, and it must be pink! Not for repairing, but for the ignorant temperament + playing the tender magic! From the sides of the nose, the "><" type is swept to the root of the ear. The more you want to smile, the closer you are to the top of the cheekbones.

Supermodel camp

Exaggerated smoke is a supermodel stealing patent

Looking at the T-model supermodel, you will find that the supermodels love the smoke one by one. This "heavy taste" eye makeup is rarely touched by the tender mold. The make-up artist said a mystery: the battle of the flyover, the confusing eyes, only the exaggerated eye makeup is enough to catch the eye. Therefore, black, colored smoke and red lips have become the magic weapon of the year.

Not sweet, sharp enough to be big

Supermodels come out with little laugh, unless you are relaxing in the background. More often, they are using the "faceless" and "sharp eyes" to murder the film. Smiles are easy to ventilate, and sweeter insulation is easier to play, so they always have strong eyebrows, extreme colors, exaggerated eyelashes on their faces... even if they look fake, they are far from life. Stereo is the key to makeup. The pink color is always synonymous with T-shirts. Although the body is no longer the only beauty, the baby fat of the face is absolutely forbidden. Therefore, the background makeup artist always loves to use the brown of the orange to sweep out the three-dimensional bone from below the cheekbone, as for the tender pink blush? Still stand by!

Hair style strives for simplicity, does not grab the protagonist

Supermodel hair styles are either exaggerated to astounding, or simply sleek into a ponytail or cool short hair. There is no reason for it. The supermodel show is clothing, makeup and hair are the accessories of the clothing, can not grab the protagonist's limelight.

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