Talking about Security Technology of Stadiums and Gymnasiums

In recent years, public safety accidents in public places have continued to occur. Especially in densely populated public areas with complex environmental factors, ensuring the safety of personnel is the most important issue to be solved in the future. Nowadays, with the strong support of the national sports industry, more and more sports events are being organized. The security issues of large stadiums will also be the focus. There have been several major security incidents in history, such as the Hillesbury tragedy on May 7, 1989, when 96 people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. On May 24, 1964, Peru’s soccer tragedy caused 318 deaths and more than 500 injuries. While ensuring the safety and smoothness of each competition, it also requires a lot of technical means to provide support for the realization of front applications. Then we talked to you about the security technology in the stadium.


Hillsborough tragedy scene


Many stampede accidents in enclosed and semi-enclosed places occur before and after the event, or before and after admission. If we can increase the number of entrances and exits, divert the flow appropriately, and strengthen the orderly management of entrances and exits, we can largely avoid stampede accidents. Taking measures to reduce population density and improve the order of the crowd is a very important part. After two accidents at Sheffield Stadium, the British authorities made a painful conclusion and forced the cancellation of all seats at all stadiums on the British Isles, which greatly reduced the incidence of stampede on the stadium stands. There have been no major stadium stands since the Sheffield tragedy. Stamped the accident.

Many statistics show that if a person suddenly falls or suddenly changes direction after a crowded and chaotic movement occurs, it may lead to an instant panic and panic tragedy. In this case, the casualties will usually be more serious. The “culprit” that caused the above situation is panic rumors (such as “having bombs” and “dead people”). Second, there are sudden events (such as people’s money or a star suddenly appearing in the crowd). There are obstacles on the ground or in the passageway (such as people who often fall on the tramp during the Hajj pilgrimage, because many believers carry pilgrimages with their luggage. Once the order is disorderly, the luggage and bags thrown everywhere will become ubiquitous stumbling blocks. Closing some exits and passages at closed venues such as shows and stadiums will not only result in congestion, but will also make it difficult for them to rush to the exit. However, they have to turn to and retreat because of “this road is unreasonable,” and continue behind and do not know that there is no access. The influx of crowds is the most dangerous situation. If we can strengthen management in these areas and be prepared to take precautions, hidden dangers will be largely ruled out.

The most powerful weapon to deal with rumors is “transparency”. Therefore, many large venues in Europe and America have lighting regulations. If the lighting does not meet the requirements, organizers will be severely punished. This is because studies have shown that sufficient lighting can be reduced. Many unnecessary misunderstandings reduce the incidence of panic rumors. Large-scale event venues must also set up cable broadcasts that are sufficient to ensure that they can be clearly heard in all corners of the venue and outside the venue. In this way, they can quickly clarify the facts in the event of an emergency and promptly give out prompts and guidance.

Some organizers also tried to direct evacuation using mobile phone masses, but the effect was unsatisfactory, because looking down at mobile phones sometimes increased the probability of congestion and falling to the ground, and overcrowding of crowds would lead to poor reception of mobile phones at venues and channel congestion. In addition, "wine can be disturbed", Canada and some other countries banned the sale of alcohol and alcohol on the spot during fireworks and other outdoor events, but also for the same consideration.


Anti-terrorist attack

In a large-scale sporting event, people from all over the world came together. Therefore, the safety and security of stadiums and gyms is not limited to the stadium itself but to the system of social security and national security in the entire city. engineering. The original intention of the overall urban security deployment is to maintain social stability. During the large-scale sports events, there may be unscrupulous elements who attempt to influence the normal progress of the competition and undermine social stability. The role of city security is very important at this time. Without affecting the normal order of the entire city, try to provide convenience for large-scale sports events. At present, the protection of stadiums mainly includes: densely populated areas, protection of guests and key personnel, overall protection of sports centers, violence in the stadium, counter-terrorism, and protection of important facilities on the venue.

To host a sporting event, you need to call the surrounding social resources. As far as the security system is concerned, the resources to be invoked are mainly video surveillance resources. Common video surveillance resources are to be connected to the central management platform of the venue, and the bayonet equipment information for vehicle management must also be centrally managed. Therefore, each video resource that is accessed must have general international or national standards, Onvif and GB/T28181, and the surrounding video surveillance points should be seamlessly covered. And to prevent incidents from happening, video information is stored for long periods of time and analyzed.

In addition, any crimes that take place in the stadium will have clues before it occurs, and most of the crimes now are related to vehicles. Under normal circumstances, when a suspicious vehicle intentionally performs destructive behavior, its vehicle trajectory must have a certain degree of particularity, for example, entering the city for the first time from outside, and then at night around the venue, not the venue service vehicle. By analyzing these similar vehicle characteristics, potential crimes can be dug up and crimes on the venue will occur before they happen. When an incident occurs, it is possible to control the suspects by arresting suspected vehicles by deploying the bayonet around the venue.

The stadium is a complex composed of multiple venues and is crowded with people. From the perspective of security management, it is similar to a small, safe city. There is a need for comprehensive monitoring of the network between venues and venues. In large-scale sports events, the safety and security of the stadium alone may not be enough to guarantee the orderly conduct of the events. Public security departments are required to assist in maintaining the overall order. Therefore, it is necessary for the stadium's security system to access the urban public security dynamic monitoring system so as to obtain more public security maintenance resources.

The security technology applied in sports events is relatively mature. With the continuous development of security technology, more and more sophisticated new security technologies are used in large-scale sports events. The stability and reliability of security systems are also constantly improving. From the point of view of video surveillance, security of sports events is developing toward the direction of high-definition and ultra-high-definition surveillance. Five million and 16 million ultra-high definition pixel cameras can also be widely used in venues. However, the most important thing is the application of back-end management system platform. How to build a unified platform to facilitate management.

Meet the needs of comprehensive public facilities

The gymnasium belongs to a large-scale comprehensive public facility. The purpose of the construction is for comprehensive and high-level sports events. The stadium security facilities are designed to ensure the safety of the opening, closing, and evacuation of large-scale competitions, ensuring that all events are held successfully. If the game ends, the crowd disperses, and the security facilities are not as prominent as during the game. At this time, the security facilities will be mainly for the fitness and leisure, information services, convention and exhibition services in the stadiums, and business and residential areas. Daily life provides security protection to solve the problems of venue safety, item safety, and theft prevention.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is the most important and important part of the security system. Mainly monitors and records the important areas and places of stadiums such as perimeter areas, entrances, exits and exits, entrance halls, public areas, important lounge access, drug testing rooms, important engine rooms, medal storage rooms, news centers, and parking lots. , The video preservation time should meet the relevant specification requirements.

Entrance and exit control

The entrance and exit control system consists of card reading equipment, control equipment, signal transmission equipment and central control equipment, etc. The system adopts network transmission. The access control system uses an embedded CPU identification card, and the selected equipment manufacturer must promise that it can perform secondary development according to the specified database and encryption algorithm and upload the required data according to the requirements of the use unit. The entrance guards are set up at entrances, entrances, basements, important machine rooms, drug testing rooms, and important function rooms in the museum.

Intrusion alarm

The intrusion alarm system consists of front-end alarm equipment (alarm button, alarm sensor, etc.), signal transmission equipment, and alarm host. The alarm host is located in the security command center. Infrared alarm devices are installed in important entrances, exits, important machine rooms, drug testing rooms, and important office rooms in the hall. Alarm buttons are set up at security booths such as guard posts, security halls, security treatment points, and security observation points. Handicapped alarm buttons are set in toilets for persons with disabilities, VIP rooms, etc. The monitoring device near the alarm device should be linked with it.


The construction of large-scale sports venues involves very rich security systems. It requires efficient centralized management and puts forward higher requirements for integrated security platforms. It is now a relatively complete security integrated platform PSIM platform. PSIM platform can access a wide range of security settings, and abstract the bottom layer of these devices, and finally presented to customers a customized security platform to meet the complex needs of customers, thus eliminating the need for a large number of custom development.


After a long period of development, RFID technology has been very mature. The related products have also come into sight. The use of RFID products by customers is also handy. In the event of an emergency, RFID technology can easily confirm the authority of the personnel. This is crucial for large-scale and large-scale human traffic scenarios. It provides the most basic technical support for the maintenance of site order. In a complex environment, each staff member must assume a variety of tasks, and excellent individual equipment provides product protection to enhance individual's comprehensive business capabilities. With individual equipment, individuals can achieve it.

Adaptive Communication Network

Under a large scenario, the cost of deploying an emergency communication network is very high, and there are too many unpredictable factors. Therefore, each mobile communication terminal needs to have a communication forwarding capability, thereby realizing the communication networking of multiple communication terminals. This is what a typical emergency communication scenario requires.

Big Data

The application of big data technology in the security industry is no longer a chopper. China's Dandong has used the UniHadoop big data system to standardize the city's traffic and to detect cases involving cars. In a scenario such as a sporting event, the big data system can be used to analyze the facial information of the in and out personnel, thereby preventing the potentially damaging behavior of the dangerous elements to the event.

Networking and terminal clouding

The network of video surveillance and the cloudization of terminals will centralize the storage of video. In terms of management, the use of cloud technology can be used to achieve remote access. The auxiliary computing and analysis functions are not commonly used in competitions. This kind of management is a relatively high-time management project. Because the security of the event itself is aimed at some sporadic events, rather than some normalized events that can be used for data analysis, large-scale sports events are more inclined to a single point of special event management.

Military Technology Application and Foreign Technology Lessons

The Russian government has used military strength to ensure the smooth progress of the Sochi Winter Olympics. The application of the emergency command system in anti-terrorism has given us a lot of inspiration. The emergency command needs to establish a three-dimensional protective system of "land, sea and air." The target interception system adopted by the Youth Olympic Games this year, "Genius One," achieved "air-to-air" protection. At the same time, more military technology is used for civilian purposes. The emergency command system used in large-scale sporting events can increase security levels to a greater extent. Other techniques worthy of us to learn from abroad include: positioning and tracking technology to achieve the target's positioning management, collection of target information, to prevent the target from entering prohibited areas. Strengthen the management of personnel through voice recognition technology. And through intelligent video analysis technology, it can accurately determine the body's physical behavior, such as running, jumping, climbing, lying, walking and so on.

Can technology alone solve all problems?

The most closely related application of the security system and emergency command system for sports events is the security emergency plan. The current emergency plan has a long exploration process from the implementation of air defense to technical defense. The management generally implements the emergency plan on the “human head” and implements the human defense as the core. This directly leads to a huge investment in the construction of a security system that does not exert its maximum effectiveness. It also caused bloated personnel and the management of many personnel has become a big problem. The actual implementation of the emergency plan at the level of combining air defense and technical prevention can achieve the most efficient management.

A strange aspect of the security market is the confirmation of this problem. On the one hand, customers need a very good management system, but they are struggling to find it. When they encounter real needs, they can only look for custom development, which suffers from high costs and poor usability. On the other hand, manufacturers are making price wars by using homogenized products, and the new platform concept advocated by each other can not be delayed.

What needs to be solved here is not technical issues, but technical management issues. This is not a problem that a R&D team can solve. It is not a company that can solve it. This requires an expert who understands the operation of the security system in depth, and provides a practical methodology from the perspective of social resource management. This will instruct each manufacturer to implement the management of the emergency plan to the technical level and implement it to the level of the management software, and eventually productize the concept.

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