Talking about printing (2)

Fourth, the factors that affect the effect of print and cost

1, the choice of print color: such as a print, the color it presents is small, and the color of a large area of ​​the field, this time should consider all or part of the use of spot color printing, which can guarantee the accuracy of printed products, And can improve the printing efficiency and reduce the printing price;

2. Selection of the number of printed sheets: Choosing the right number of sheets (full or half pages) not only saves paper and printing costs, but also avoids manual page layout, thereby increasing the efficiency and saving the binding costs.

3, the choice of finished size: In the printing, because the commonly used paper specifications are certain, so when designing finished products must pay attention to whether the finished product size can be reasonably applied to a certain paper specifications, avoid unnecessary paper waste ;

4. Selection of printing materials: Some customers have high requirements for their own printing products. They always choose to import paper, import ink, and import new machines to print. In fact, we should select the appropriate types of products according to their uses and types. The joint venture paper or domestic paper will reduce the cost of printing products on the premise of satisfying quality requirements.

5, the choice of printing methods: for example, a 60 g light coated paper album, 16 open, 96 pages, 50,000 books, saddle stitching, if you use a commercial rotary machine is 15 yuan / color orders, not only save the printing fee but also greatly shortened Printing time. However, a small quantity of printed products cannot use a rotary machine. Another example, the printing of alcohol packaging carton, you can consider the gravure on the film, and then on the paper, and then molding, the quality of the paper is not high; if you first offset on the paper, then covered, and then molded Requires high quality paper, especially when there is a large area of ​​spot color, offset printing sometimes even need to be printed twice to achieve the required degree of saturation, the cost varies greatly.

6, the relationship between the print and the printer: As we all know, 8 boot power costs less than 4 boot; 4 boot boot costs lower than the boot. However, the quality of printing is also different. Therefore, according to the quality requirements, specifications, and quantity of printed products, appropriate model printing can achieve the best price/performance ratio.

7. Replacement between new and old processes: The new process is characterized by novelty, beauty, and low cost, so the proper replacement of old processes with new processes not only saves some costs, but also enhances the aesthetic effect of printed products. For example: use UV instead of light film, use local UV instead of gold foil, use silk screen matte effect instead of convex and concave effect.

8, typo printing: In the case of many types of print products and different sizes, print sizes, you can consider the different print products together in a set of printing, this can save film, printing, printing and Paper and other expenses.

Fifth, the calculation of paper quantity

Press number

- Number of papers = number of pages × number of prints ÷ 500

Base number

- Paper order number = page number × print number × base number ÷ 500 (base number is the reciprocal of opening number)

Press sheet

- Paper Order = Sheet × Ink Number ÷ 1000

Number of sheets = P (number of pages) ÷ K (number of openings)

Sixth, paper price conversion

The ex-factory price of each ordering paper (yuan/order) = T (t price) × G (gram weight) ÷ 2327

The price of extensible paper per order (yuan/order) = T (tonne price) × G (gram weight) ÷ 1884

Seven, paper calculation example:

Example: 157 grams of copperplate paper from Korea Three Tree brand, with a paper price of RMB 9100/ton

Each order (500 sheets) is the official ex factory price = 9100 × 157 ÷ 2327 = 614 yuan / order

Each order (500 sheets) of the degree of paper factory price = 9100 × 157 ÷ 1884 = 758 yuan / order

Eight, the addition and release of paper:

Printing and post-printing usually result in waste of paper, such as position registration, ink balance, paper folding, and bookbinding position registration. The beginning and end of the paper usually do not meet the requirements for printing and binding. Therefore, printing is used for printing. Paper must be replenished with loss to ensure that the final product quantity after deduction of loss can meet customer specified requirements. The number of prints is less than 5 orders, plus 0.5 reams, the number of prints is higher than 5 orders, plus 10%

IX. Calculation of printing prices

Off four-color offset press: printing fee = color number (print unit price) × color number × paper order + plate price unit price × color number

Ten, commonly used post-press processing types:

Folding (Creasing Lines), Binding (Saddle Stitching, Binding, Binding, Binding, Ring Binding, Hardcover Hardcover), Diecutting (Beer Type), Hitting Convex, Embossing, Hot Stamping (Silver , red, blue), film (light film, matte film), oil (full-page, partial), UV (full-page, partial), hole punch, dragon line, paste.

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