Talking about leakage prevention between kitchen and bathroom

Talking about the leakage prevention between kitchen and bathroom to prevent the prevention measures of Shangqing Mountain leakage. And tested from practice.

Shortly after the delivery of the residential building project, the water in the kitchen and other water rooms often leaked from the wall and the floor hooks around the pipe. There was a leak. Because the floor between the kitchen and the bathroom is narrow. Sanitary ware and various pipes. The groundwork is expensive, making it difficult to repair leaks. Not only affect housing use, but also increase unnecessary economic losses. And it affects the quality of the entire building. Therefore, how to prevent leakage between kitchen and bathroom is an actual problem to be solved. 1 Analysis of leakage causes the pipeline to pass through the floor concrete. Without the bottom mold, fill it with broken bricks and then burn the concrete. Or although the mold has been supported, the hole is not tight and the concrete is not dense. The pipe interface is not well sealed in the floor of the building. There are many water seepage channels between the pipeline and the concrete floor, which causes leakage and dripping in the pipeline. When the second floor is covered with felt oil waterproofing, the surrounding of the pipeline is often not well sealed. Or do the waterproofing after the pipeline, the process is not reasonable; the floor drain. The water seal bowl is higher and the drainage is not smooth. Leakage often occurs when the bathtub is installed. There is no mortar waterproof layer at the bottom. The installation tub is not in accordance with the construction.

Feel free to change position, causing the bathtub ware drain and drain nozzle to be misaligned. The tub overflow pipe is not installed properly, causing poor drainage or drainage on the floor. Promotes leakage.

The plastic bowl of the toilet squat toilet inlet is broken and damaged. Connect the rubber bowl with a wire tie. The wire is easily rusted, making the rubber bowl loose. The water flows along the gap to the floor surface to cause leakage.

When the pipeline is installed, the sealing at the mouth is not timely or tight. Causes cement sand, and construction waste to fall into the pipe. Drain the pipe. A blockage has occurred and cannot be used normally.

6 Wall surface is poorly waterproof and no waterproof measures are taken. Causes the brick wall to absorb water, or water seeps into the wall. Causes wall tidal. Even seeping water. Affect the life of the building.

When the ceiling is fixed to the water pipe. Use a hammer to punch the hole too deep. Make the penetrating waterproof layer leak water along the hanging ribs.

There are no specific measures for management. If the details of each part are not clear. Waterproofing was not treated as a special process, and the construction record was incomplete. The process of checking and accepting waterproofing or caulking was not carried out according to the quality acceptance criteria. Or although there are inspections, the quality of the inspectors is low and the sense of responsibility is not strong. It is impossible to find all the causes that may cause leakage between the kitchen and the bathroom during the construction process. In summary, there are two main reasons for the leakage of the building. The construction personnel cannot strictly follow the relevant technical specifications to operate the construction. In other cases, the designer often has no details on the key parts and the corresponding 2 leakage prevention measures should block the bottom mold support. Clean up around. First brush the cement slurry road, and then use, 20 fine stone concrete poured and compacted. Before the sanitary ware is installed. The pipe mouth should be carefully cleaned and dredged first.

The floor between the kitchen and the bathroom should be made of felt waterproof layer or other waterproof layer after the pipeline is installed. Belong to the wall 150 above the wall, carefully paste at the riser. Keep the waterproof material close to the pipe wall at the floor drain. Wrap the waterproof layer around the outside wall.

The kitchen and bathroom rooms usually find the slope layer on the waterproof layer. To ensure the slope of the ground. Avoid water collection, the bottom leveling layer is changed to find the slope slope to the ground, the slope is 51.0. After the waterproofing is done. Look for the slope again. The slope of the slope is 1.1.5, within the range. The tube is slightly above the ground.

Before the bathtub is installed. Add waterproof mortar to the bottom of the tub to find the slope layer, higher than the ground 2, with a slope of 2 to the exit or floor drain, and learn more about the installation position and elevation of the bathtub. Carefully follow the construction, the installed bathtub should be kept flat and firm.

The water pipe under the tub should be inserted straight into the floor drain. Avoid spilling the ground when draining. The bathtub inspection port should be kept no smaller than 250 parent 400 and left in a place convenient for inspection.

Pressure test, during the concrete curing, it is necessary to check whether the concrete surface is frozen. Whether the corners of the shrinkage cracks fall off the construction joints or not. If found, it should be processed in time, and at the same time make a record.

5 Conclusion Through the concrete construction in winter, corresponding measures are taken to make the concrete project in the project not frozen in the cold winter season and the concrete strength increases normally, in the case of the increase of winter cost. Successfully completed the task and created 7 conditions for the smooth progress of the next step.

Talking about the determination of the construction procedure of the coking project Wang Yanchun Jia Guodong's process has been fully investigated and solved. Kneading, 1 main determination, 45. The construction sequence of the process is discussed. The construction of the coking project is due to the continuous development of the industry. The demand for various energy sources is increasing year by year, especially for the growth of the landscape of mining products and environmental protection. The coking is not suitable for the requirements of today's market economy. In recent years, due to the different products of the coke oven coke oven, the coke oven engineering projects have different points. But from the construction point of view, there are similarities.

Construction of coke oven project under the market economy. Often, the owners have higher requirements for the construction period and at the same time have good quality. This puts higher requirements on the construction unit. Construction units must treat all work in a scientific manner. In particular, the overall deployment of the construction schedule network, the start time of each unit project and the determination of the construction sequence are the key points for the construction of the coking project.

The characteristics of coking engineering construction are many points. The wide-ranging relationship is complicated, specifically the relationship between the following engineering projects. The coke oven engineering coal system is affected by coal pits. Coal preparation corridor transfer station coal tower and so on. The coke system focuses on the coke. Screening and so on. End station, etc. Before installing the toilet, check the quality of the toilet. The joint between the water inlet and the rubber bowl should be double-staggered and tying with the 4th copper wire. The lower part of the toilet should be filled with 18 cement slag. The rubber bowl and the water flushing pipe should be filled with fine slag or dry sand. Construction waste is strictly prohibited. Pad toilet. The joint between the toilet and the drain must be aligned. The mouth of the mouth is sighed. The kitchen wall between the kitchen and the bathroom is made of waterproof sand core below 1.5,1, and the dark corners are like dark basins against the wall wall. The calendering must be smoothed to improve the waterproof ability of the wall.

When the kitchen and bathroom are in the case of cast-in-place concrete slabs. In Zhou Ying, set the same number of concrete waterstops above the ground to prevent the root cause of leakage. The size of each hole must be the same as the actual installed sanitary ware. It is reserved during construction to avoid drilling holes afterwards.

All pipes and sanitary ware. Before the construction, the vertical elevation must be arranged according to the predetermined ground elevation, so that they are all at a reasonable elevation. Ensure smooth drainage of pipes and floors.

When drilling the bottom of a reinforced concrete slab, the hole depth must be controlled. The length of the electric hammer used should be less than the thickness of the concrete slab or padded at the drilling location to control the drilling depth. It can effectively avoid the obstruction of coagulation and damage the waterproof. In addition, it is necessary to train the operators to strengthen the technical basis, as well as the application of new technologies, new materials and new methods. Another aspect. Strengthen management. We will do all the inspections on the concealed works, carefully carry out the hidden inspection and acceptance records, and discover the hidden dangers of waterproof quality in a timely manner, and deal with the parts that may leak.

3 The application in actual construction is in the construction of kitchen and bathroom between residential buildings in No. 84 living area of ​​Tianji Group. Except for the normal process construction. Focus on the following points of the floor surface with the screed to find the slope 0.5 to be felt oil waterproof layer to complete, the first fine stone concrete to find the slope. 5. Add waterproof mortar to the slope under the tub. Slope cast 2 闱 low, the ground 2, strictly control the floor drain elevation, so that it is lower than the ground 15 civil construction must be installed after the installation of the pipeline floor drain. Strengthen the cleaning around the riser or other penetrating floor slabs. Plugging and waterproofing practices and inspections before waterproofing. And use professional and technical workers with high technical level and strong sense of responsibility to complete this work. 4 When laying the floor tiles, ensure that the mortar is compact and not empty. And carefully joint, 5 strictly in accordance with the construction and construction specifications. Do a good job in concealed engineering inspection and acceptance records, at the time of completion acceptance. No common leakage phenomenon was found, and the secondary transportation acceptance was qualified, and the leakage prevention effect was remarkable.

4 Conclusions The leakage between kitchen and bathroom can be prevented. In construction, you must be familiar with the construction, determine the elevation of each part and the construction plan of the sub-project. Strictly implement relevant construction specifications. Do a good job on the ground drainage slope. For important parts such as the floor drain at the bottom of the tub. Through the pipe mouth of the floor, etc., it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and waterproof work during construction; increase the waterproof design, isolate the water source, and drain the water smoothly. At a lower cost. Solving the difficulty of leakage is very meaningful for improving the quality of construction projects and reducing the cost of engineering maintenance. Jia Guodong, 196 male, graduated from Taiyuan University of Technology in 1987, majoring in metallurgical Machinery, engineer, China Ten Metallurgical Construction Company, Taiyuan 030009, China

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