Subtraction of color in printing colors

The printing principle of coloration is different from additive color mixing. Printing is based on a few fine dots, and the transparent ink is distributed on the paper according to certain rules to present colors. The dots with more dots are more concentrated, and the dots with less dots are lighter. The choice of clear ink is not arbitrary, but is based on the amount of light that can best absorb green and blue light. Therefore, Mafenta, Cyan, and Yellow become the three primary colors of printing. The reason is that magenta absorbs most of the green, blue absorbs most of the red, and yellow absorbs most of the blue. The combination of magenta and green, cyan and red, and yellow and blue is called a complementary relationship, or a complementary relationship. Dots printed on paper, if not in contact with other outlets, the color to be seen is the printing of three primary colors. If two base dots overlap, such as cyan and yellow, because yellow ink absorbs the blue in the light, blue absorbs the red in the light, and only the green light in the light reflects inside the eye, so we will see the green. If the three color dots all overlap together, we see black because all the light is absorbed. Printing is the use of this method of diminishing color to produce thousands of colors, so it is also called the method of coloring. Inkjet printing, sublimation printing, and watercolor painting are all examples of this application.

Theoretically, the same amount of magenta, cyan, and yellow are printed together to produce grayish black, but because ink production is not perfect, the purity of cyan ink is less than the purity of magenta, so the gray color is always reddish. In order to make up for the insufficiency of the ink process, black ink was introduced to enhance the effect of gray and prints could perform better. This is why we use four colors for printing. On this basis, some people even used black ink to completely replace the place where the same magenta, cyan, and yellow inks appeared. This technique, called color separation (GCR), was an early FreeHand software that converted RGB images to CMYK uses this technology. Replace spot color inks with less than ideal colors, in addition to gray, but also apply to other colors. Pantone's HexChome is starting in this direction, adding green and orange to the traditional four colors, to enhance the green and orange parts of the print less than ideal.

Digital Printer is capable of printing on black, red, white and any color T-Shirts, and other materials,color-printing without silk screen and printing plate. It can accomplish printing white, gradient color picture at once. No color fading and comfortable handle. Digital printer accords with the international universal standard and uses green environmental protective inks which completely reach to the highest European quality inspection standard.

digital printer

Digital printer/T Shirt Printer
Print head
Print size
Print color
Print speed
A4 photo/111s
Printing resolution
Net weight/Gross weight
Printer size
Height adjustment
Working power
110-220V   50-60Hz  30-75W
Operation system
Windows 10/8/7/2000/XP/VISTA etc

Digital Printer

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