Smart housewife's fashion choice custom wardrobe save money big move

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the furniture purchase, for the wardrobe , the custom wardrobe has become the first choice of many families, because it can avoid unnecessary waste according to individual needs, and can also make maximum use of space.

Solid wood wardrobe

The price of the contact lens is high

Many women want to put on the fitting mirror in the closet, which is convenient for fitting and easy to place the mirror. This is convenient to use, but the overall cost of the wardrobe increases with the increase of the invisible mirror.

The price of the invisible mirror of the whole wardrobe is between 350~550 yuan, and the price of the independent fitting mirror on the market is about 200 yuan. The owner can consider purchasing an independent fitting mirror. In addition, if there is a dressing table in the bedroom and a mirror, it is basically enough for the owner to use.

Drawers cost more

Some owners hope to make full use of the custom-made wardrobe sorting function, and consider adding drawers for the wardrobe. For example, some 6 square meters, the smaller overall wardrobe, there are owners need to install 4 to 6 drawers.

At present, the unit price of the whole wardrobe drawer is between 160~220 yuan. The more drawers, the higher the cost. Usually, the drawer of the wardrobe only needs 2~3, so it is recommended that the owner pay attention to the proper amount of installation.

Wardrobe sliding door is simple and beautiful

Many owners' decoration mentality is that they have spent a lot of time fixing the wardrobe, and naturally they have to give the wardrobe a decent "push door". As a result, the cost of the original custom wardrobe is not high, but at the end of the door, The cost of the budget is exceeded.

The installation of the invisible mirror in the custom closet depends on the individual needs. In general, the independent fitting mirror is placed in the home. This can be canceled. The number of drawers can also be increased or decreased according to actual needs, and the drawers are not as good as possible. As for the rest, it depends on your master enough to be smart enough.

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