Shanghai Hengyi is about to launch two testing equipment

As companies attach importance to product quality and increasingly stringent requirements for product packaging, companies want to be able to accurately detect products on the production line, so that foreign objects and defective products incorporated into products can be removed in a timely manner and all products can be protected. It's perfect. Today, Shanghai Hengyi Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on its own scientific and technological strength. After years of intensive research, it will soon launch the "X-ray defect detector" and "YI-B Visible Foreign Object Detector."

The "X-ray defect detector" can scan the items inside the package that cannot be sensed by the naked eye by X-rays one by one, and stores and stores various data through humanized images, which can be very good for the double aluminum and aluminum plastics in the pharmaceutical industry. Items in food packaging are tested for defects and defects, empty capsules or magnetic foreign matter in the packaging, and non-magnetic foreign materials (such as stones, glass scum, plastic, hard rubber). The device can be used stand-alone or online with other devices. It is an essential device for product safety and quality assurance systems.

"YI-B Visible Foreign Body Detector" is specially designed to meet the needs of injection foreign body detection. It can be used for foreign matter detection of injections, sterile powders for injections, sterile bulk drugs, eye drops, and similar products. The instrument adopts the principle of light scattering detection. It has been proved by experiments that it meets the requirements of the “Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China” for the detection method and can fully meet the needs of the drug testing industry and pharmaceutical companies for product testing. The mechanized control greatly reduces the influence of human factors in the light detection method, and can detect foreign objects (fine particles) that are difficult to see and recognize by the naked eye. It is also suitable for colored containers or liquids with darker colors. Fully automatic, high-performance detection and processing capabilities make the experimental results more reasonable and accurate.

"YI-B visible foreign matter detector" can be set by the user to different detection limits to meet the different needs of users; can be automatically calibrated and calibrated, eliminating the drift of the various components of the instrument; high resolution and high sensitivity The instrument can detect ampoules ranging in size from 2ml to 20ml.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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