RO-MP-4 type binding baler

This high-performance, stand-alone strapping machine has thousands of installed capacity records throughout the industry. The RO-MP-4 strapping baler has a variety of gauge sizes with a minimum frame size of 500 mm and a maximum of 1650 mm. This feature makes the RO-MP-4 strapping baler suitable for stacking neatly stacked cardboard and products of various shapes and sizes.

The RO-MP-4 tying baler integrates advanced manufacturing processes and technologies to improve the process performance of the packaging process according to the needs of any tying process. The RO-MP-4 strapping baler can complete 48 strappings per minute, thereby significantly reducing the time required for the strapping process and ensuring faster delivery of the product. Clear design, performance ensures that the characteristics of the fast switching of the strap coil basically eliminate the possibility of downtime, and minimize maintenance requirements. The RO-MP-4 strapping baler also allows the operator to control the tension of the straps, from low tension to highest tension. A soft-tension option that the machine has allows the strapping process to have a high speed without the strapping producing high tension. This feature is ideal for stacking with special shapes or soft textures.

Source: Global Corrugated Paper Box Industry

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