Rapidly condensing Kjeldahl analyzer with nitrogen analyzer without water

The Kjeldahl method is a method of determining the amount of total nitrogen in a compound or mixture. That is, under the condition of catalyst, the organic nitrogen is converted into inorganic ammonium salt by nitrating the sample with concentrated sulfuric acid, and then the ammonium salt is converted into ammonia under alkaline conditions, distilled with water vapor and absorbed by excess acid liquid, and then The amount of nitrogen in the sample can be calculated by titration with standard acid. Since the nitrogen content of the protein is relatively constant, the protein content can be calculated from the amount of nitrogen, so this method is a classical protein quantification method.

Water-free automatic Kjeldahl analyzer: water-free condensation technology

1. Based on DDP (Dual Dragon Pole) second-generation water-free condenser technology, the instrument does not need to use tap water to cool, high water temperature, zero water pressure can also effectively condense.

2. No need to specially configure the faucet and chiller, it can be placed freely in the laboratory, saving valuable laboratory space.

3. The laboratory with large sample volume saves 1200 tons of water per instrument per year.

Water-free full-automatic nitrogen analyzer: accurate data reproduction

1. Steam temperature monitoring ensures that the distillation time of each sample is true and consistent.

2. The use of steam stabilization technology makes the measurement highly repeatable.

3. Constant pressure flow path system: constant pressure and liquid addition to ensure more accurate and stable sample loading accuracy.

Condensation at 4.1 ° C, water vapor and ammonia instantaneous liquefaction absorption, no loss.

Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer: Top Process Manufacturing

1. Adopt EU CE certified pressure pump and valve; Saint-Gobain brand imported pipe; breakthrough water-free condensation technology.

Water-free automatic Kjeldahl analyzer: convenient and flexible automation

1. True color touch screen operation, process display, simple and fast.

2. Automatic acid addition, automatic addition of alkali, automatic distillation, automatic leaching.

3. The distillation power is adjustable, and the practical function of the research laboratory.

The universal applicability, accuracy and repeatability of the Kjeldahl method have been widely recognized internationally. It has been identified as the standard method for detecting protein content in foods. However, this method does not give a true protein content because the nitrogen measured may not only be converted from protein. This can be reflected in food safety incidents such as the 2007 US pet food contamination incident and the 2008 China tainted milk powder incident: melamine, a substance with a high nitrogen content, was added to food to counterfeit high nitrogen content. . In addition, this method requires many different correction factors due to different amino acid sequences. Moreover, the Kjeldahl method also requires the use of concentrated sulfuric acid and a longer period of heating (generally, greater than one hour). This also makes the Dumas method sometimes more convenient when roughly measuring protein content.

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