Preparation method of homopolymer polypropylene blown film special material

The invention relates to a method for preparing a homopolymer polypropylene blown film special material, which comprises mixing the raw material propylene with a mixture of a main catalyst, a co-catalyst and an electron donor, first pre-polymerizing, and then sending the pre-polymer into a series connection. The two loop reactors are polymerized, and the polymer is flashed, deactivated, dried, pelletized and packaged. The main feature of the catalyst is that the main catalyst has a titanium content of 1.80-3.80% and a magnesium content of 15.0-20.0%. Efficient catalysts, as well as granulation processes, use different antioxidants, slip agents, opening agents and stabilizers than the prior art. Due to the adoption of high-efficiency catalyst and homemade additives, the invention has excellent product quality, the melting number is 11-15g/10min, the isotacticity is 96-97%, the yield strength is greater than 32MPa, and the impact strength (23°C) is greater than 35J/ m, elongation at break greater than 900%, coefficient of friction 0.45. The polypropylene of the present invention is used for blown film production, the film thickness distribution is uniform, the extruder current does not change significantly, and the number of broken films is small.

ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001 Certificate,
and GS certificate from TUV Company of Germany.
Color Various, according to your requirements

A. Plastic parts: Imported LLDPE
B. Post: National standard galvanized steel pipe
C. Metals: Galvanized
D. Deck, stair, bridge: Wood inside with sponge , rubber or powder cover

E. Outer cover: Soft Covering PVC

(Different material is available according to your needs)
d.Environmental protection
e.Uneasy to lose shape

1.Can protect children safe when they playing indoor, and let they enjoy the play freely

2.Suitable for improving Children energy and imagination

3.Helping them grow up happily, cleverly, and healthily

Age Range Children
Apply to Amusement park, gymnasium, Kindergarten, Preschool, etc.
Packing Standard export packing

We can design and produce as your requirements

Soft Play

Kids Soft Play, Soft Play Areas, Childrens Soft Play, Soft Play Centre

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