Precautions for cleaning and disinfecting biological safety cabinets

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1. Cleaning and disinfection: (1) Before the start of the operation, 75% ethanol should be used to wipe the top, both sides and the work surface of the work area, the order should be from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside; (2) During the preparation process During the preparation of a finished product infusion, the waste on the operation table should be cleaned and wiped with clean water. If necessary, the table should be disinfected with 75% ethanol; (3) After the daily operation, the site should be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned with clean water. , And then wipe disinfection with 75% ethanol; (4) After the daily operation, the cover of the return air channel should be opened, the return air channel should be cleaned with distilled water, and then wiped and disinfected with 75% ethanol.

2. Operation and precautions of the biological safety cabinet: (1) 1 to 2 deployment personnel start the biological cabinet circulation fan and ultraviolet light half an hour in advance, close the front window to the safety line, turn off the ultraviolet light after 30 minutes, and then Wipe the top, sides and countertops of the biosafety cabinet with 75% ethanol, in order from top to bottom, from inside to outside to disinfect, and then turn on the lighting to make adjustments; (2) No adjustments are allowed during the startup of the UV lamp, The staff should leave the operation room; (3) The ultraviolet lamp should be tested regularly. If the sterilization effect is not achieved, the lamp should be replaced in time; (4) All intravenous medications must be placed within 20 cm from the outer edge of the workbench and the inner edge 8 ~ 10 cm, and at least 10 cm away from the table; (5) The front window should not be higher than the safety warning line during the deployment; otherwise, the negative pressure cannot be guaranteed in the operation area, which may cause the drug aerosol to disperse. Personnel cause injury or contaminate the clean room; (6) The return air duct of the biological safety cabinet should be cleaned regularly with distilled water, and then disinfected with 75% ethanol; (7) The biological safety cabinet should be settled once a month Monitoring methods: open petri dish, placed on the operating table for half an hour, after capping bacterial culture, colonies were counted; (h) should be based on biological safety cabinet automatic monitoring indication, timely replacement of the activated carbon filter.

3. Each parameter of the biosafety cabinet shall be tested every year to ensure the quality of the biosafety cabinet and to keep the test report.

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