Polyester hot melt adhesive formula

Component Amount / mol Component Amount / mol
Dimethyl Terephthalate 80 1,4 butanediol 200
Dimethyl Isophthalate 20 Tetra-n-butyl titanate 0.03
Dimer acid (fat dibasic acid with 36 carbon atoms) 30 Hydrogenated liquid polybutadiene diol 15

After preparing dimethyl terephthalate, dimethyl isophthalate, dimer acid and butane diol, adding 0.01 mol of catalyst tetra-n-butyl titanate and heating under nitrogen protection at 200° C. for 1 hour for esterification exchange. Then, hydrogenated liquid polybutadiene diol and tetra-n-butyl titanate 0.02 mol were added, and polycondensation was performed by heating under vacuum at 240° C. for 4 h. The resulting polyester elastomer copolymer was hot-pressed at 180[deg.] C. into a film of about 75 [mu]m for bonding aluminum plates and polypropylene plates. However, the copolymer melt viscosity is too high, difficult to coat, so add 2% mol of butanediol, depolymerization under nitrogen protection at 240 °C depolymerization 1.5h, the obtained polyester elastomer copolymer is easy to use hot melt coating Cloth machine for coating, made of thin film.

Source: 21st Century Fine Network

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