Plywood production new technology and new equipment (5)

6 veneer drying

In China's existing plywood production enterprises, whether it is a mesh belt dryer or a drum dryer, there are disadvantages of large cracks on the surface of the dry veneer and large deformation. The main reason is that the temperature and humidity in the dryer are low. The high temperature and high humidity drying process not only improves the working efficiency of the dryer, saves energy, but also greatly improves the quality of the dried veneer. The latest drum dryers have a drying temperature of 230 to 240 ° C and a humidity of up to 60 gw/kgda. High-temperature drying can make the moisture of the veneer evaporate from the inside to the outside to dry, reduce the surface stress of the veneer, and will not cause additional deformation and surface cracking of the veneer, and save about 27% of thermal energy. High temperature drying greatly improves the output of the dryer, especially the pine veneer. Because of the high temperature, it plays a big role in the degreasing of the rosin on the surface of the pine veneer. Therefore, the high temperature drying is the most effective in degreasing the pine veneer and improving the quality of the veneer. .

7 single board finishing

Veneer finishing is the main battlefield in which a large number of labors are used in the production of plywood. It includes the steps of veneer classification, balance of the back and the back of the board, horizontal expansion of the veneer, and longitudinal lengthening of the veneer.

7.1 veneer horizontal width

The horizontal width of the veneer is also called the whole process of the core plate. At present, the commonly used methods include glue line connection, tape connection, glue point welding and the combination of the above methods.

7.2 Vertical length of single board

Due to the decreasing diameter of the raw material of the plywood and the irregular shape of the wooden section, the difficulty of material formation is increased, so that the exit rate of the 4-foot wooden section is much higher than that of the 8-foot wooden section. Although the boarding rate of the 4-foot wood section is high, the long-core board of the slab in the production of the plywood cannot be satisfied, and can only be solved by the longitudinal lengthening of the single board. At present, the longitudinal length of the veneer has three methods of grinding, milling and sawing; grinding is the oldest and most primitive method, and its output is very low. It is reported that the current domestic grinding machine output can reach 2000 sheets/shift. Milling is a method in the development of technology, and the milling method itself does not exist for the veneer. Saw cutting is the inevitable process of single-plate bevel cutting, regardless of the principle or the status quo.

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