Packing test

Stacking is the main operation content during storage and transportation. The stacking experiment here is mainly to test the relationship between stacking height and packaging loading.

The stacking test is to place a heavy object on a package or a packaging container, and to evaluate the compressive strength of a package or a packaging container subjected to static load and the protection of the package against the contents. This test can also be used to study the performance of the package under special load conditions. For example, when the bottom of the package on the pallet, or when the load on the stack when the deflection of the load under special circumstances.

During the test, the packaging shall be placed on a horizontal plane and subjected to a load, subjected to a pressure similar to the stacking, and the load shall be selected according to the actual storage and transportation conditions of the packaging, that is, according to the heap during storage and transportation. The code duration determines the corresponding test conditions.

The maximum stacking height, according to the general storage conditions 1.50m, 1.80m, 2.50m, 3.50m, 5.00m, 7.00m within selected.

For large-scale transport package stacking test, there are two kinds of top load test and side end load test.

The stacking test is closely related to the temperature and humidity, especially the carton, whose strength is affected more by the temperature and humidity. Therefore, the temperature and humidity should be adjusted before the stacking test. Its condition is determined by the circulation of the packaging operations. The stacking test conditions are preferably the same as those selected for the temperature and humidity control process. If this is not possible, it should be carried out within 5 minutes of the atmospheric condition of the package.

The conditions and test methods that must be met for the stacking test should be in accordance with the national standard “Part 3 : Basic Tests for Packaged Transport Packages: Test Methods for Static Load Stacking” (GB 4857.3-2008) and “Test Methods for Large Transport Packages” (GB The regulations of 5398-1999) were carried out.

Currently, it is possible to refer to or carry out the "Packaged and Filled Transport Packages Static Loading Method Stacking Test" (IS0 2234:2000) and "Completely Fully Filled Transport Packages Using Compression Tester and Compression Tester" (IS0 12048). : 2001) International Standards.

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