One-handed acquisition device for roll-shaped point breaking products

Patent name One-handed acquisition device for roll-shaped point breaks Patent applicant Wang Yongping Principal applicant Address 341000 No. 14 Sankang Temple, Shengzhou, Jiangxi Province 242 Mailbox (room) Inventor Wang Yongping Application (Patent) No. 200510025010.1 Application Date 2005.04.06 Certification Date Approval Notice No. 1686773 Auditing announcement date 2005.10.26 Instruction CD-ROM D0543 Main classification number B65H35/04 Classification No. B65H35/04; A47K10/34 Sub-file Original Application No. The single-handed acquisition device for the tubular point breaking supplies is provided with a set of shaft rollers, a dial block, a brake lever, and a mechanical output auxiliary mechanism comprising a driving member and a one-way transmission mechanism in the box body or frame. The box body of the roll-shaped point cutoff product may also be an external frame structure fixed near the suspended roll-shaped point breakage product. The device avoids the problem of contamination and inconvenience of the remaining ends due to the use of both hands to obtain roll-shaped points and supplies. It is a safe, hygienic, convenient, easy and practical technology, and can be widely applied to toilet paper picking and supermarket pickup. Broken bags and other aspects. Sovereignty Item 1. A single-handed acquisition device for roll-shaped point breaking products, characterized in that there is a set of roller rollers in a box or frame, and the two-axis rollers maintain a certain clamping force. The long side of the outlet of the body or frame parallel to the shaft roller is a toothed edge or a smooth straight edge, and there is one or a pair of dials on the inner side of the outlet. The end of the shaft roller is equipped with a shaft roller gear, a shaft roller gear and a dial block. There is a brake lever between the drive member and the one-way drive device to drive the shaft roller in one direction.

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