Nipson VaryPress 400 Monochrome Production High Speed ​​Printing System

Based on Nipson's unique magnetic imaging and low-temperature flash curing technology, the Nipson VaryPress 400 combines productivity, print quality, flexibility and ultra-low cost with a print image width of 470 mm (web width up to 520 mm) Printing speeds up to 125 meters per minute. Combined with 600dpi magnetic imaging printing technology, it ensures a very high level of print quality in all speed modes of the printer. The low temperature flash curing system guarantees that the web material will not shrink, twist, deform or dehydrate, so it can be printed on the widest range of substrates including coated and offset paper, coated and uncoated labels, Metal foils, carbonless materials, heavy materials, and "TipOn" plastic cards, as well as porous materials and non-porous materials can be used.

The Facial Cleaning Headband is innovative and wholesale. It is easy to use and more absorbent than the cotton cloth. The massaging microfiber headband also have great result. It is your best choice for proventing the hair wet. The Bowknot Headband is so delicate and elegant that will suit your washing needs. It will convenient our face washing by proventing the hair from wet. In addition, its high quality microfiber material will massage your skin and comfortable for all people's washing. 

Bath Headband

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