Modern Packaging Design Identification and Its Applications (2)

The survey shows that 63% of consumers choose products based on their packaging. Different packaging makes people have different understanding and understanding of products and companies, many consumers are optimistic about the packaging before buying. The commercial value presented by packaging is increasingly apparent.

In marketing practice, different companies attach great importance to the degree of emphasis and control of packaging. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, packaging is an important means of contending with big companies. Compared with raw materials, technology, and talents, packaging should be the least costly.

All kinds of different goods have their own characteristics. When they are conceived, they must grasp this essential thing and study different places from other goods. The formation of a concept must first be based on a full understanding of the product. Therefore, no matter what kind of goods are designed, we must do a careful and detailed investigation and research work. To understand the product's attributes, characteristics, uses, raw materials, performance, specifications, use of objects, sales areas and different regions, countries, different requirements and appreciation of different ethnic habits. At the same time, we must also consider the situation of printed materials and process conditions and other aspects, so as to provide a solid foundation for the formation of ideas.

The characteristics of a product are determined by various factors such as the image, performance, use, and sales target of the product. It has the difference between domestic sales and foreign sales, low-end, mid-range, and high-end categories. Different types of goods have different requirements for packaging and positioning design. For example, the packaging and decoration of toys should be suitable for children's characteristics, with a lively and interesting image; food packaging and decoration should give people a delicious feeling, and have a clear quality preservation requirements; The packaging and decoration should give people a sense of peace and quiet, and a brief description of the function and usage; hardware, electrical packaging and decoration, should give people a stable and calm, strong and durable feeling; all kinds of gifts, packaging and decoration, there should be festive A pleasant mood; tea packaging and decorating should show a kind of quaint style in terms of color, taste, shape, etc.; there are many kinds of cosmetics, due to different performance, women's cosmetics packaging should reveal the elegant and elegant atmosphere, male The cosmetics should show the characteristics of fortitude. Secondly, product design is a manifestation of culture, a manifestation of the times, and a manifestation of the level of productivity. It must accept the choice of consumers and the market and the test of time. It is by no means determined by one or more people saying "good" or "bad." Then, the purpose of packaging and decoration design is ultimately to identify and promote sales. For each design, it has its own special purpose; or to develop new markets; or to grasp the existing market; or to create a specific market Or a new design for shaping the new style of the product. Different purposes will inevitably put different requirements on the packaging positioning design.

3, packaging visual communication design

This is an important link for accurately and effectively conveying product information, beautifying goods, satisfying consumers' aesthetic spirit and functional needs, promoting sales, and increasing the added value of goods. Our country is generally used to call package decoration design. Packaging visual communication design, first of all through the overall positioning of the visual communication design content and then clear the specific text, graphics, colors and other design aspects. The so-called packaging visual design positioning is based on the overall concept of packaging visual information communication design. Based on the overall personality style of the packaging, based on the characteristics of the product and the market orientation, from the perspective of product information to attract consumers, Product positioning (namely, product name and product characteristics), producer positioning (brand name of product, brand name and address of production company or producer), and consumer (ie, the characteristics of information that embodies the object of consumer goods) Analyze and rank the primary and secondary relationship of product vision, highlight the key points, and determine the distribution of information on the main exhibition surfaces and auxiliary surfaces of packaging, and design in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

The visual layout of the packaging, the layout of the design, as well as the specific text content, font design, graphics (including painting, photography, direct display of product images, etc.), color, and decorative design, etc., should be subordinate to the overall grade of the packaging. Effectively represent the unique personalized information features of goods, and actively promote sales of goods and guide the right consumer services. The main exhibition area of ​​the package focuses on the main information features of the product, and other descriptive text content and graphic supplements complement and improve the overall organic and image of the product.

(Author/Chen Xirong Yan Wenqiu
Qingdao Jiali Photocopying Packaging Co., Ltd.; Qingdao Jiali Photocopying Packaging Co., Ltd.)
Source of information "China Packaging Industry" 2005, 6

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