Master the make-up skills incarnation movie heroine

I believe that many girls have fantasized that they are the heroines in a certain film. The film rustling and turning out of the picture is full of texture, beautiful and vivid. It’s not that we are all directors of our own lives, so why not let this true heroine be more beautiful and more bone-like, just like a movie, adding purity to beauty.

Mastering makeup skills Incarnation movie heroine

The most realistic reproduction of its saturated chromaticity film color should be the most realistic color, whether it is the earliest black and white silent film or later digital film. Let the makeup touch the face, we have every reason to entangle the shade of color, rich and light is also worthy of scrutiny, and this year's popularity seems to imply us: the most realistic restoration of its saturated chroma is king.
This year's red lip makeup is really hot to hot. This year's red lip makeup is really hot, and the red lips need to use the most full color to display its charm. Bobbi brown said: "The only condition for applying red lipstick is that you must really love red." And this love is also harsh on color, not good enough, not too strong. Bobbi also said that for the first time to try bright colors, the red lip gloss is more gentle and easy to control, and it can easily catch people's attention.

[Every time I see this box, I feel very, very, happy, and it is like a huge candy, and its colors seem to lead me back to my happy childhood"a customer said to Miss Zhang, who is in charge of the designing. [When I open the box, I find the box is full of candies. It is the best gifts I`ve ever received, and the packaging is that interesting and cute" ,she continued.

Candy Box

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