Is the quality of tiles on week 7 good?

The inspiration for tiles on week 7 comes from people's pursuit of a casual lifestyle and a better life. On week 7 tiles, "creating a new world" as the core demand of the brand, "advocating DIY", constructing a different lifestyle, advocating a home concept of personality, purity, and technology, closely combining products and brand connotations To achieve the maximum brand effect.

Is the tile quality good on week 7

Relying on the strong product research and development, market supporting strength, rich variety of colors and stable quality of Jin Ruo enterprises, Week 7 tiles will insist on putting quality first in product development and pay more attention to culture and products. Combination. The advanced health kitchen tiles launched by Jinduo Week 7 tiles, glazed cool holiday full-glazed glazed series products, magnetic suspension series matrix dot spray glazed tiles and other product series, through the introduction of some new concepts, refresh consumers' new understanding of the home environment To enjoy high-quality leisure life.

Week 7 tile prices

The following are the prices of some of the tiles on Saturday, for reference only

Cool Holiday FPB88141 with Tiles and Bright Glaze on Thursdays Specifications: 800 * 800 Market Price: ï¿¥ 586.00 yuan / piece Online Price: ï¿¥ 389.00 yuan / piece

Cool Holiday FPB88291 with Tiles and Bright Glazes on Thursdays Specifications: 800 * 800 Market Price: ï¿¥ 698.00 Yuan / piece Online Price: ï¿¥ 464.00 Yuan / piece

Friday Holiday Full Tile Glazed Glaze Cool Holiday FPA88131 Specification: 800 * 800 Market Price: ï¿¥ 497.10 yuan / piece Online Price: ï¿¥ 330.60 yuan / piece

Thursday Acer Sea Tiles Aegean Series FMH8975 Specification: 800 * 800 Market price: ï¿¥ 150.00 yuan / piece Online price: ï¿¥ 99.70 yuan / piece

Friday tile wall tiles FR69609 Specification: 300 * 600 Market price: ï¿¥ 35.90 yuan / piece Online price: ï¿¥ 23.80 yuan / piece

Editor's summary: About the quality of the tiles on week 7 and the price of tiles on week 7 are introduced here. For more information, you can follow the information on this website.

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