Is the pencil refill toxic? Is the pencil stick metal poisonous?

Did we think that the pencil ash that was cut out was toxic when cutting pencils? Will the metal coated on the pencil rod cause harm to the human body? Then follow the foot of Xiaobian to answer these questions for you.

Is the pencil refill toxic? The pencil refill is made by mixing graphite and clay in a certain ratio. For example, "h" is the English word "hard" (hard), which stands for clay and is used to indicate the hardness of the pencil lead. The larger the number in front of "h" (such as 6h), the harder the pencil refill is, that is, the larger the proportion of clay mixed with graphite in the refill, the less obvious the written word is, and it is often used to rewrite. "b" is the English word for "black" (black), which stands for graphite and is used to indicate the softness of the pencil core and the apparent degree of writing. The "6b" is the softest, the writing is the darkest, and it is often used for painting. The ordinary pencil label is generally "hb". The pencil label used to answer the question card during the exam is generally "2b". Early pencils contained lead, but the main components of pencil refills that people use today are graphite and binders, which no longer contain lead and are harmless to the human body. The graphite contained in the pencil lead is a scaly solid with a metallic luster. It is composed of carbon and has a very stable structure. There is nothing in the human body that can destroy it, so it is not toxic. But there are a lot of small bacteria on it, it is very unhygienic to put it in your mouth.

In addition, when the pencil lead is accidentally drawn to the face, lips, and hands, it will have a certain effect on the skin, and even leave a permanent trace. This trace includes the color of the pencil, the pigmentation of the skin itself, and scarring. If the wound is shallow, but the epidermis is damaged, it can be recovered without treatment. If the wound is deep, bleeding, or even left a foreign body, you need to seek medical advice in time, and the doctor will handle it. Some even need to break the cold needle.

Is the pencil stick metal poisonous? On the one hand, the outer layer of the pencil is used to protect the pencil, and on the other hand, it is often coated with a layer of paint for the sake of beauty. The paint is energy-saving and environmentally friendly with metal lead. Metal lead is a toxic substance. When you bite the pencil head with your mouth, lead enters the body through the mouth. When lead is absorbed by the body, it will deposit in the bones. When the body's ability to fight disease is reduced, lead is released from the bones, causing obvious symptoms of poisoning. When lead poisoning, it will cause obvious damage to the nervous system 'hematopoietic organs, kidneys, etc., and it will be more harmful to children.

Pencil is one of the most important writing tools, we will use it often, so it is very important to know some common sense, especially when children use pencils, they must always pay attention to the fact that they accidentally bite the pencil in their mouths. Avoid them being scratched by pencils. When buying a pencil, be sure to go to a regular store to buy. This can also cause harm to the body caused by pencils.

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