IPS cells cultivate human organs in pigs

The professional investigation meeting of the Science and Technology Conference officially agreed on the 1st that researchers should conduct basic research on cultivating human organs in animals. The use of IPS cells to make organs for transplantation in animals such as pigs is another step towards realization.

The content of the research agreed by this professional survey is to put the "animal collection embryos" with both human and animal cells into the animal's uterus for cultivation, or let the animals produce cubs. The manufacture of embryos has been approved by the state, but must be discarded after 14 days in the laboratory.

The plan in practice is to make the pig's fertilized eggs unable to develop organs such as pancreas, and then implant IPS cells in the fertilized eggs to make animal collection embryos, and place the embryos in the pig's uterus to produce Piglet with human organs. If you don't put the embryo into the uterus, you can't know whether this method can make human organs. The professional survey considers the usefulness of this research for humans and decides to approve it.

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