Image Processing Techniques - Denoising Digital Photos

Due to the camera's quality or incorrect ISO settings, DC photos can be significantly noisy. However, these problems can be resolved through post-processing. This article will show you how to remove noise from your photos in ACDSee or Photoshop.

Noise removal with ACDSee

1. After starting ACDSee, browse the pending photos and you can see that the subject has obvious noise. Select the menu command "Tools → Open in editor".

2. In the photo editor ACD FotoCanvas Lite, the photos are still enlarged for local observation.

3, select the menu command "filter → noise / despeckling."

4. Close the photo editor. Click Yes in the pop-up "Save Changes" dialog box to save the changes.

Comments: Although ACDSee's "speckle" function does have a loss of quality, it is certainly enough for friends who do not use Photoshop's professional image processing software.

Photoshop is more perfect

If you feel that ACDSee's ability to get de-noising depends on the quality of the loss, you can't accept it. Then Photoshop's performance will surprise you.

1. After opening Photoshop, open the pending photo and enlarge the image display to 200% for local observation.

2. Select the menu command "Filter → Noise → Speckle" command. Comparing the effects of ACDSee you will find that the details are slightly better, but there is still the phenomenon of loss of image quality

3, then select the menu command "filter → noise → dust and scratches" command, as shown below. By adjusting the “radius” and “threshold” sliders, the denoising effect can also be achieved, usually with a radius of 1 pixel; and the threshold can adjust the tone of the denoised image to minimize the loss of image quality. Press the "OK" button after the setting is complete.

(Adjust the threshold value to reduce image quality loss)

Comments: If you are not very demanding on the picture quality, use the "spot" command described in Step 2 in Potoshop. Of course, if the photos belong to photographs or prints, which require high quality, it is recommended that you carefully adjust the parameters through the method described in step 3 and repeatedly compare the effects of the quality changes.

Source: HC Network Printing Industry Channel

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