How to quickly create exclusive makeup

Different types of cosmetics can create a different charm, so as make-up people to learn to quickly create exclusive makeup line before Oh!

Supernatural cheek

Beauty cheek

The most troublesome thing in summer is that when you go out in the morning, your skin is beautiful and confident. When you get off work, you are tired and dull, and you have no brilliance. Maybe now foundation cream and blush cream can help you solve this problem. Their perfect combination not only creates a long-lasting healthy complexion, but also creates an apple-like radiance through the unparalleled beauty of the foundation cream.

“8 hours” gouache: You want to show up to 8 hours of pink apple muscle without any complicated procedures, especially in the hot summer, you can easily complete it in 4 easy steps!

1 After using the makeup lotion, choose a comfortable foundation sponge, apply a proper amount of foundation cream, and evenly apply it to the bottom.

2 Then gently spray the face with a lotion to make the makeup more suitable for the skin and enhance the suppleness of the skin.

3 After the makeup is finished, use the other side of the sponge to apply the blush cream. It is still the lightest way to smile at the highest point of the cheeks. After gently ringing, you can smudge it.

4 Finally, using a fixed-molding powder, the overall softening of the makeup, you can complete the healthy skin like apple-like red.