How to ensure the accuracy of solvent-free compounding ratio


Mixer is the core component of solvent-free composite equipment. How to ensure the accuracy of solvent-free compounding ratio is the key to the entire mixing system.

Once the mixing machine fails during the mixing and conveying process, if the rubber hose is semi-blocked or the A and B glues are not synchronized, the mixing ratio of the glue will be improper, resulting in the peeling strength of the composite film. A significant drop in quality and significant quality loss is one of the most worrying issues for flexible packaging companies using solvent-free composite processes.

At present, the solvent-free compounding machine (including imported and domestic equipment) used by China's flexible packaging enterprises only installs a pressure transmitter after the rubber gear pump is used to detect whether the rubber gear pump rotates normally, but for the whole Whether the pipeline of the rubber mixing system is half-blocked and whether the two rubbers are out of synchronization, the necessary online real-time detection and control means are lacking, and most of the faults are detected after the product quality accident occurs, which undoubtedly caused the solventless composite user. Very troubled. Effective online detection of the problem of semi-blocking and gel-synchronization of solvent-free compounding mixers will help to detect and eliminate mismatch ratios in time and improve the quality of solvent-free composite products.

Feasibility analysis of online testing

In the solvent-free composite production, there are many reasons for the semi-blocking of the mixer. For example, the A glue reacts with the moisture in the air to solidify, and blocks the glue outlet of the mixed copper block, so that the joint of the hose is not tightly sealed. Dry glue, resulting in semi-blocking; the dehumidification effect of the mixer is poor, so that a layer of adhesive on the surface of the A glue barrel reacts with moisture to crust, forming flocculated substances, and causing half blockage with the gear pump entering the hose Add some granular impurities to the plastic bucket when adding the glue.

The semi-blocking phenomenon of the mixer has a strong randomness, which is often not detected in time, so it is the most risky and the most concealed. The A glue and the B glue are not synchronized, which means that the partial glue is in a single component state, but whether the glue is synchronized or not can not be effectively identified by the human eye, and it is not monitorable during the normal booting process. It is also extremely difficult to troubleshoot the fault.

The rubber mixing hose of the mixing machine belongs to the elongated hole (length to diameter ratio l/d>4). When the flow rate of the adhesive is constant, the pressure change value (ΔP) of the feeding hose is proportional to the square of the cross-sectional area of ​​the rubber hose. By calculation, in the ideal state, if the cross-sectional area of ​​the hose is blocked by 1/2, the ΔP is increased by 4 times; if the cross-sectional area of ​​the hose is blocked by 1/3, the ΔP is increased to 2.25 times; If the cross-sectional area of ​​the hose is blocked by 1/4, the ΔP is increased by 1.77 times; if the cross-sectional area of ​​the hose is blocked by 1/5, the ΔP is increased by 1.56 times; if the cross-sectional area of ​​the hose is blocked by 1/6, then The ΔP increased by 1.44 times.

It can be seen that whether the rubber hose of the rubber mixing machine is half blocked or the degree of clogging can be analyzed by the change of the ΔP value.

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