Go outdoors and do stretching exercises


     The day is in the morning, and the year is in spring. As the weather gets warmer, spring health is mentioned on the “schedule”. Medical experts pointed out that spring health should do the following six things.

1. Protecting the liver and gallbladder is the most important.

Spring can make some small problems in the liver and gallbladder worse. To protect the liver and gallbladder, it is necessary to avoid any chemicals in the environment, eat less animal fat and fried foods, and less to the restaurant for dinner, away from low-quality cooking oil use, it is best to eat every day 1 - 2 nuts. Eat good oils, such as olive oil and oils crushed with nuts and seeds. They are like lubricants, making your body parts more flexible, healthy and less prone to "rusting." The liver is so comfortable that the human ligaments, tendons and joints are not stiff.

2. Perform a "body sweep".

Spring is the sweeping season and the body needs to be cleaned up. Drinking more juice can clear the intestines, do not consume any sugar and caffeine within two weeks, smoking bans, etc. are all good choices. In addition, it is best to ban alcohol in the spring, do not overdose the diet, and you can get enough in seven minutes, which will make your body more energetic.

3. Spring should eat more bean sprouts.

Bean sprouts are in a constant growth process, in which vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients are the most fresh. In the spring of the recovery of all things, the human body is also growing, especially in this high quality nutrition. In addition, lettuce, spinach and other fresh green leafy vegetables grown in spring, as well as seasonal fruits such as strawberries and cherries are also the most healthy.

4. Suitable for stretching exercises.

Throughout the cold winter, the human body seems to be curled up, so the best thing to do in spring is stretching to wake up the body. Young people are best to do yoga, and the elderly can practice qigong.

5. The most should be supplemented with b vitamins.

In the spring, the brain is prone to excitement, and the b vitamins have a calming effect on the nervous system, which helps to strengthen the energy of the cells and prevent mosquito bites that breed in the spring. In addition, supplemental calcium and magnesium also help calm the nervous system and muscles, relieve anxiety or insomnia.

6. "Resonance" to the outdoors and the earth.

In spring, outdoor air is not only fresh, but floral fragrance can make people relax and reduce stress. The most important thing is that the earth's vibration is about 8 Hz per second , which is consistent with the alpha wave rhythm of the human brain. It is the most comfortable and has a certain healing effect on long-term anxiety of the brain.



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