Formulation and substance of packaging "moderation" (1)

Abstract: Resources are limited, and the consumption and waste of resources are limitless. The rational use of resources, on the contrary, will have the effect of incremental resources. For this reason, appropriate packaging was put on the agenda, and the "Interim Measures for Appropriate Packaging of Shanghai Goods" was pushed to the society. This is the exploration and practice guided by the scientific concept of development. This article mainly discusses through some data and facts, in order to raise the importance of resource conservation and the necessity of promoting appropriate packaging, increase the awareness of action in a wide range of society, and push the resource conservation action to a new realm.

Keywords: conservation-oriented society, life cycle, excess function, packaging, decrement painting


The establishment of a conservation-oriented society and the promotion of “appropriate packaging” are strategic decisions made by China in response to rapid, healthy and sustained economic development. As the packaging industry is a resource-consuming industry, the raw materials on which the packaging industry depends are mostly in short supply or manipulated; at the same time, there are drawbacks such as extensive development and low resource utilization in the packaging industry in China; Saving and recycling are more necessary and urgent.

Packaging products from the production - product support - circulation of goods - sales - consumption - disposal of the entire life cycle, the rational use of any section of the chain and some reduction, will have different degrees of economic savings and value to society . Otherwise, there will be the worse the production, the greater the waste of resources.

As a result, the proposal of "moderate packaging" and "Interim Measures for Shanghai's commodity "moderate packaging" (hereinafter referred to as the "approach") appears to have the practical significance and time mission of promoting resource conservation and implementing a recycling economy.

1. Promoting "moderate packaging" is an inevitable result of modern economic development

"Moderate packaging" comes from "excessive" packaging. The actual purpose of the implementation is far more than simply suppressing excessive product packaging, but has the in-depth effect of establishing a conservation-oriented society and promoting circular economy. It should be an integral part of the entire resource conservation system.

1.1. Enlightenment of the Economic Development Environment

China's economy has experienced rapid and sustained development for more than 20 years, and now it has completed the "10th Five-Year Plan" one year ahead of schedule. Its GDP index has reached 13.65 trillion yuan. In 2004, Shanghai's GDP reached 624 billion yuan, an increase of 11.8% over the previous year. At present, foreign-funded foreign companies and some of their strong headquarters and R&D centers are competing to settle in, making the status of Shanghai's manufacturing factories more and more visible, and the five large-scale and modernized economic developments are approaching. The degree of shortage of resources will inevitably intensify and it is necessary to plan ahead.

1.2, shortage of packaging industry resources

For the packaging industry, which is mainly supported by light industrial products, the total output value in 2004 was 328.3 billion yuan, an increase of 15%, and it is expected to reach 375 billion yuan in 2005. Shanghai Packaging Industry expects total output value in 2005 will reach 35 billion yuan, an increase of 13%; slightly higher than the domestic production increase in Shanghai (11.8%). The production resources that are already in short supply are bound to increase with the development of production.

Attached Table 1 Reference Values ​​of Production and Value of National Packaging Main Products

Normal align=center> Paper Packaging

Normal align=center> Plastic Packaging

Normal align=center> Metal Packaging

Normal align=center> Glass Packaging

Normal align=center> 20 million tons

Normal align=center> 6.4 million tons

Normal align=center> 288 tons

Normal align=center> 10.5 million tons

Normal align=center> 32%

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