Fluoroquinolones detailed Elisa kit introduction

Fluoroquinolones Detailed Elisa Kit Introduction This kit is used for egg broth, feed, muscle and tissue (eg chicken, beef and pork), quantitative determination of fluoroquinolones residues in milk, serum and urine samples. . 2 Experimental principle The kit uses direct competition ELISA method, coated with fluoroquinolone (Fluoroquinolones) in the microplate, fluoroquinolone standard or sample, free fluoroquinolone and micro The fluoroquinolone-conjugated antigens pre-coated on the strips compete with each other for the anti-fluoroquinolone antibody label, and the color is changed from blue to yellow after the addition of the stop solution. The microplate reader is tested at a wavelength of 450 nm. The absorbance is inversely proportional to the amount of Fluoroquinolones in the sample. The content of the fluoroquinolones in the sample is calculated by a standard curve. 3 Kit composition 3.1 Pre-coated fluoroquinolone (Fluoroquinolones) coupled antigen detachable plate: 1 block (12 holes × 8). 3.2 Fluoroquinolones standard: 6 bottles (1ml / bottle), the content is: 0ng / ml, 1 ng / ml, 3ng / ml, 9ng / ml, 27ng / ml, 81ng / ml 3.3 anti-fluorine Fluoroquinolones antibody enzyme conjugate: 1 bottle (6 ml). 3.4 Coloring solution A: 1 bottle (6ml). 3.5 Coloring solution B: 1 bottle (6ml). 3.6 Stop solution: 1 bottle (6ml), 2M sulfuric acid. 3.7 Sample Diluent: 1 bottle (10×, 6 ml) for sample dilution. 3.8 Concentrated washing solution: 1 bottle (20×, 20 ml) for washing. 3.9 A copy of the instructions.

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