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Fish and bear's paws can have the same date on high-performance sportswear: 2016-02-15 11:07

In the past, there was a check on the tightness of the athlete's trunk and limbs when they were stretched in different sizes, and the unreasonable use of their materials made it impossible for athletes to devote themselves fully to enjoying sports. The seamless knitting technology gives the athletes a sense of unrestrainedness as the best solution for personal sportswear, but it also brings new challenges to sportswear design and development and creative implementation.

ISPO BEIJING 2016 will be held on February 24-27 at the National Convention Center. Santoni, a leader in seamless textile technology, and Nilit, the leader in seamless textile materials, and Italian Aquafil, will join hands with ISPO BEIJING to establish a seamless textile technology zone. Bring the most cutting-edge seamless textile technology and trends to the sport industry, showing how seamless high-tech products can significantly improve people's athletic performance with their superior human fit.

Q: Santoni and Nilit have cooperated with ISPO BEIJING for many years. What kind of promotion effect has been achieved on this platform?

Santoni: Many years ago Santoni began to participate in ISPO MUNICH in Germany. Six years ago, when Santoni set up an Italian R&D center and entered the Chinese market, we began to participate in ISPO BEIJING with influential R&D products. Here, Chinese sports brands gradually realized that seamless technology was the basis for the development of new products. Especially for the development of high-performance sportswear.

Nilit: Through the ISPO BEIJING platform, more and more users and brands have gradually realized the advantages of seamless textile technology, seamless garments, and Nilit functional fibers in seamless sportswear.

Q: What kind of new products and technologies will be brought to you by the ISPO BEIJING 2016 seamless technology zone?

Santoni: Last year Santoni, with the assistance of ISPO BEIJING organizers, set up a seamless textile technology zone at the exhibition site and incorporated Aquafil and Nilit as very important yarn suppliers for seamless products. This year, we will continue to exhibit the latest products based on the Santoni seamless textile technology.

Nilit: We will show the latest functional yarn applications for outdoor brands. Nilit's nylon 66 can be widely used in woven, knitted and many other products.

Q: Which international sports brands are used for the Santoni and Nilit seamless textile technology? Which international brands or sports teams have professional clothing for these brands? Santoni: Seamless technology is now widely used in brands that focus on product functionality, such as: X-bionic, Mico Sport, ODLO, etc. Most of these brands provide combat clothing for national team members in winter sports and other sports.

Nilit: We cooperate with Nike, Puma, FILA, Adidas and many other sports brands in the seamless product field. They also provide clothing for many professional sports players.

Q: With the improvement of awareness of fitness for all people, many professional sports events have become more widely available. As a result, the increased number of athletes engaged in various types of sports have more personalized demands on the functionalities of personal clothing. Where do yarn producers need to enhance technology development to provide functionality?

Santoni: Yes, as you said, there is an increasing demand for specialized sports equipment in the Chinese market. These demands come not only from professional athletes, but also from people who want to harvest health through exercise. To meet their needs, yarn producers need to focus on and seek solutions that minimize costs without sacrificing performance.

Nilit: For the raw material supplier, the yarn's stability (color fastness, strength, abrasion resistance) is a problem that needs attention in product development. Nilit has the advantage of being able to control the DNA of yarn raw materials from the source. We produce and develop particles ourselves, so Nylon 66 has higher product stability, better feel and functionality, and can also differentiate for brand development. The product.

Q: Sportswear is a category with high technical content and high added value in the application of seamless textile technology. What are the special requirements for apparel designers?

Santoni: The development of sportswear requires designers and technicians to be very demanding. Designers need to think about how to combine the functionalities required for different sports with fashion. Seamless textile technology can help designers find a balance between the two. , but designers are extremely familiar with the use of seamless technology and yarns. Therefore, Santoni has set up a seamless textile technology training center in Shanghai, China, where we provide professional training for designers, technicians, product developers and others who need to know how to develop new products.

Nilit: Our constant communication with designers of European and American brands found that they are more focused than before on the characteristics of raw materials and the working principles of raw materials. At the same time, many designers and antoni technical experts maintain good information communication and are also proficient in the equipment and technical characteristics of Santoni. Therefore, as a qualified seamless designer, you need to master a lot of expertise.

Q: In the past five years, how have Chinese sports brands perceived and used seamless textile technology? What weaknesses do you think Chinese sports brands have in seamless textile technology and product development?

Santoni: Chinese sports brands still lack the ability to develop new functional products. Many brands do not create their own R&D centers, but they still stop plagiarizing products already on the market. We have always supported independent research and development of local brands, and the most difficult part is the establishment of research and development mentality. R & D is the collection of market demand and market data, targeted development of the blank products required by the market, followed by others is not enough, so the cultivation of local seamless textile technology talent is very important.

Nilit: At present, Chinese brands are still at a relatively slow stage in the development of seamless products. The products of all sports brands are basically based on seams. In product research and development, the research and selection of raw material properties are neglected. Seamless textile technology has its market value space, because wearing experience and seams are two completely different feelings.

Santoni and Nilit are the leaders of seamless textile technology and fiber. What do you think of the use of seamless textile technology in the international textile market and what trends it will present?

Santoni: The current market trend is high-performance sportswear, which is very similar to the concept of seamless textile technology. Functionality and comfort are the main characteristics of sportswear, which requires new technologies and new yarn products to achieve. The combination of the two is what we would like to present in the upcoming ISPO BEIJING seamless technology zone. We will show here how to combine different technologies to achieve a high-tech product.

Nilit: Seamless textile technology has a great potential in the Chinese market. As long as the brand offers more consumers the opportunity to try fitting sportswear, we believe that consumers will certainly have it and will present it after having a comparative wearing experience. Objective consumption growth.

As an ISPO partner for many years, how to evaluate the value and significance of the ISPO platform for the promotion of the sports industry?

Santoni Nilit: In our view, now ISPO BEIJING is not a pure show. It is more like a laboratory where the audience collides with inspiration. If the Chinese sporting goods industry is pursuing quality and performance, not just production, such roles and roles are all the more important.

In conversations with the senior level of Santoni and Nilit, we saw that the use of seamless textile technology and the performance of raw materials will bring boundless possibilities to the functional and fashion innovations of intimate sportswear. It is hoped that more sports apparel product designers and developers will focus on seamless textile technology, and inject individual design wisdom into the functional, fashion and personalization of personal sports apparel, so that more athletes can better enter the state, and Really enjoy the freedom and happiness of sports.

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