Environmentally friendly furniture will become a new trend

As people pay more attention to health, the environmental protection of furniture in the living environment is gradually increasing. In addition to paying attention to the materials used in the furniture itself, the group also pays attention to the environmental performance of the accessories used in the furniture processing. In 2015, many furniture manufacturers also adjusted the existing furniture categories, and introduced log furniture that kept the original wood features, providing consumers with more health and good choices.
Furniture admires returning to the truth
When it comes to wooden furniture, you may not be unfamiliar, but what is log furniture? Log furniture refers to furniture made of pure solid wood, only varnish and some basic waxing protection, no further processing. This kind of furniture can reveal the original natural wood grain texture, which looks like no original decoration, reflecting the original appearance of the wood.
At present, with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, furniture that maintains the original appearance of logs is increasingly loved by consumers. The manufacturers also like to promote such furniture with natural elements, using natural trees as raw materials, maintaining the inherent texture of the logs, and capturing the hearts of many urbanites with a natural and fresh wind. In addition to the use of materials, it is also pay attention to the production and design structure, emphasizing the simplicity and durability, few metal iron materials, the surface processing and protection of the workpiece is relatively simple, only brush varnish, do wax protection, give people kind With a sense of simplicity.
Minimalist design is also highly respected
The fast-paced life of the city keeps people in a state of tension, so more and more people are more inclined to choose furniture that has a simple shape and elegant design.
From the trend information from the 2015 Spring Furniture Fair in Guangzhou, it can be seen that this year's minimalist style is highly respected. As can be seen from the furniture exhibits at the show, manufacturers are pushing the minimalist design of furniture. Although these minimalist designs are simple in design, they do not fall into the hollow, eliminating too many curves in the past and using simple lines to construct aesthetics. In terms of color, the color of furniture used in this year's exhibition is also very simple, except for the representative colors - black and white, gray, silver, beige and other non-printed and non-patterned primary colors have also become the main color. Although these furniture emphasizes simplicity in styling, its functionality is equally powerful. For example, the function of freely adjusting the height and changing the shape is added to the chair, and the bed frame is upgraded into a storage box, and the function of the furniture is greatly improved.
Environmental protection minimalism starts from the details
It can be said that in addition to the influence of environmental protection trends in the living room and bedroom furniture, many kitchen furniture this year have also taken environmental protection and minimalist routes. Manufacturers choose lightweight on the materials, and under the premise of ensuring the strength, rigidity and size of the furniture, the number of furniture parts is reduced as much as possible, and the section size of the parts is reduced.
For the first time home consumers, the overall kitchen needs to pay attention to whether the wood materials used are environmentally friendly, and also need to pay attention to the environmental protection of the stove. The reporter learned that the kitchen countertops on the market are mainly divided into four categories: natural stone (marble, granite) countertops, veneered fireproof countertops, stainless steel countertops, artificial stone countertops, all of which have anti-fouling, anti-scalding, anti- The basic characteristics of scratches. However, in terms of comprehensive indicators, the most suitable for kitchen use is artificial stone countertops, because the density of artificial stone is much larger, oil and water stains are not easy to penetrate. In addition, it is also important to note that it is best not to use wooden countertops near the sink to prevent moldy deformation.

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