Discussion on Visual Collecting Design of Packaging

How to evaluate the success of a packaging design, I think that in addition to physical functions, human functions and other factors, the visual function is essential. In the visual function, focus design is one of the effective means to accurately and quickly convey product information. In this article, we will only discuss some of the topics of visual focus design.

First, the role of focus design

In packaging and decoration design, various elements must first be conducive to the transmission of product information. The focusing design can make the product information achieve effective performance on the packaging. Use the most direct and concise language to tell consumers what products it is for consumers to recognize memory. Focusing design is to properly focus the main information on the packaging screen to a focus, so that the merchandise information can be accurately delivered to consumers in a short time.

The focusing design should be based on the physiological condition of the human eye. The person's eyes can see the object because the light wave reflects the object into the person's eyes and quickly passes to the person's brain. The brain determines what it is. The normal focus of the human eye is the object parallel to the eye, that is, what the eye first sees is a horizontal line with the eye. The visual focus of humans goes from left to right and top to bottom. If there is nothing above the packaging screen, the person's eyes will habitually shift the focus from top to bottom. As for the halo in the visual impact on the focus is great. When the focus is dispersed, the halo will produce a dazzling feeling and the main product information will be easily disturbed. Focusing on design is to make people stand out at a glance and highlight important points so that commodity information can be quickly delivered to consumers and products can be easily identified. Therefore, focusing design is suitable for human visual physiology.

In some Chinese packaging, the screen design is gorgeous and dazzling. However, this packaging design may not be successful. The reason is that too much emphasis is placed on the beautiful picture, while the transmission of product information is ignored and the picture is disowned. Affected the transfer of product information, this performance is not appropriate.

Focused design must also adapt to people's psychological behavior. There are generally three kinds of people’s buying psychology. One is that consumers need to buy because of their urgent need. At this time, the psychology is to immediately find the desired product. This kind of product should highlight the people or the image of the product; One is a famous specialty product that consumers are accustomed to using. At this time, the consumer's psychology is to find a certain brand mark. Such a famous specialty product should highlight the brand name mark so that the consumer can identify the choice; the third is the consumer. Think that you can buy goods that you can not buy, but because of the packaging structure of a certain product, unique shape and design, artistic, strong, beautiful, unique, easy to identify, this package can also stimulate consumer purchases at any time.

Second, the focus of text design

The focusing design of the text should first make the text on the package accurate and clear and easy to read. Followed by the short and prominent product name, concise and clear, to use the most direct and most refined language to tell consumers what products it is, because consumers do not need any little extra language. In this way, consumers can quickly find the goods he needs to buy from a wide variety of goods. Some packaging on the international market is only focused on designing brand names and product names. Some packaging designs change the text to decorate them. They also look beautiful and have strong product information. For pharmaceutical packaging, make the text on the package concise and lively. The focus of the brand name, product name and mark is focused on the prominent position, the product name is clear, easy for doctors and patients to choose. Drug consumers generally look for medicines that they need to buy when they buy, but they do not appreciate the decoration of the patterns. The design of the pattern is even more beautiful, but the product information is not prominent, so its medicine may not be able to win in the sales market.

Text design is an important part of packaging design. Designing the font is one of the effective ways to attract customers. When designing the text, the typeface should be suitable for the needs. It should minimize the use of foreign script or Chinese cursive, official script and other fonts to avoid customers from reading and affecting the delivery of product information. Fonts should be emphasized and beautified on the premise that they are easy to see and understand.

Some packaging on the international market place great emphasis on using dark colors to set off text and increase the contrast. It is very concise and has a strong sense of the times. The commodity information is quite clear and easy for consumers to remember. China's calligraphy art is well known in the world. If we can use calligraphy to convey product information well in packaging design, it is also a way to form a unique style of Chinese packaging design. For example, the tea packaging design can focus on the "tea" word, and the wine can be packaged with a focus on "wine". This makes people aware at a glance. Some consumers in the international market also like this kind of packaging. However, some designers have highlighted English as the main design, and even do not even write Chinese. This kind of packaging is difficult for Chinese customers who do not understand English. If it is China's export goods packaging, highlighting the English brand name may not be impossible. The question is whether it can effectively convey product information. If you do not achieve this effect, such a design is also inadequate. For international mass merchandise, it is not necessarily non-prominent, as long as the use of focus on design, simple patterns, imaginative signs to highlight the commodity, then the same information can be passed to different countries Consumers. Some Japanese packaging is designed using this technique. It can be seen that the focus of the text design is very large.

Third, the product image of the focus effect

The commodities in the world are now developing toward the poles. Has always been the development of high-level commodities, and the development of popular commodities. China’s traditional handicrafts, which can reflect China’s characteristics, are quite promising. The designs should have Chinese traditions and ethnic styles, so as to be unique.

. However, popular goods also come in traditional and ethnic styles and may not be successful. Chinese national art is great in the world. Its tradition and its richness are worth inheriting and innovating. When applied to packaging design, it is necessary to see that different products have different requirements. If they do not differentiate, they all need to highlight the traditional things of the nation. This is not appropriate. It's like an actor is acting to the audience, not to himself. Therefore, the design of popular goods packaging should be suitable for the tastes of the exporting countries, such as food packaging, and the international market tends to design pictures with colorful food photos. Food color photos can reflect excellence, aroma, and taste. Therefore, the focus of this design should be to highlight the image of the product in order to quickly transmit product information to stimulate the appetite of consumers and promote the sale of goods. The same is true for food packaging design. However, because of the lack of merchandise, it is inconvenient for consumers to identify. This kind of beautiful picture, which has nothing to do with the product itself, loses the function of conveying product information. This type of design is also inadequate.

In some packaging designs in China, too much emphasis is placed on the beautification of packaging design, while neglecting the transmission of product information. Focusing on design is just one of the effective ways to quickly transfer product information. The focus of product design has become a trend in food packaging. The focus of design is to enhance the visual impact and attract the attention of consumers, so as to stand out among many commodities. The decorative beautification has played a role in attracting consumers, but it also needs to beautified under the premise of setting off product information. The focus of the design should be concise and clear, and consumers should be able to receive product information in an instant so that they can purchase their own satisfied products.

Fourth, color processing in the focus of the design

The color of packaging design is not only used to beautify the goods, but also based on the habits of the exporting countries, color taboos, sales targets, consumers' psychological behavior and other aspects to coloring: at the same time, it must be based on different product attributes. color. Comprehensive analysis of various aspects of data, the general trend of international packaging design trends: cosmetics with elegant colors, was noble sense; metal supplies with heavy colors, was a tough feeling; children's products with a light and lively, happy; food use The color is light and clean, and it is hygienic; the coloring matter used in medicine is quiet; the sporting goods are bright and colory, and they are powerful and powerful. In short, the coloring of the packaging screen should be based on the premise of foiling the product information. If the design of the color is too flowery, eye-catching, is not conducive to set off product information. The color of packaging design is mainly based on commodity information, such as some good design works from abroad, and the visual effects are very good. This can be used for reference. Fifth, the relationship between pattern and focus design

The design of the pattern on the packaging is part of the beautification of goods. Some packages are over-decorated to pursue novelty and lose the ability to convey product information. Therefore, to improve the publicity of packaging design, the focus of product information is very important. On the packaging screen, the pattern design and lining objects must obey the focus of the product information, and can only play the role of focus, but can not interfere with the focus. Some packaging designs do not contain anything, but the image of the product is very prominent and clear at a glance. Some packaging designs on the international market are also flawed. They should not be blindly copied so as not to affect sales.

Sixth, the relationship between focus design and marketing

There are about 10,000 products on display in domestic and foreign supermarkets. According to their characteristics, consumers can only accept a part of information, but not all of them. Therefore, they can only replace old information with new information and replace it with strong ones. This is the competition for information transfer. The packaging designer must be clear that the goods are sold on the shelves by themselves, and they must stand on the shelves to compete with the “neighbors”. If you put on the package a lot of things that others do not understand, in fact, wasting the consumer's time, energy and money. Because in supermarkets, consumers do not have time to appreciate your work, they do not understand that they will turn to other people's products.

When consumers purchase goods, they do not need to read them in the same order as they read books. They do not need to read the information they do not need. The most successful part of packaging is how to deliver information to consumers as quickly as possible, and can grab consumers in an average of 7 seconds, and your design is half successful. The packaging that is generally designed to be more successful is that consumers can see the whole package at 4 meters, what products can be seen at 3 meters, and the characteristics of the products can be seen at 2 meters, allowing consumers to make choices. Mimi has seen the details of the product and the consumer can make a decision on whether to purchase it. Therefore, focusing design can produce impact in the shortest time, so as to attract consumers to buy immediately.

In summary, the focusing design is favorable and rapid delivery of product information. When consumers are attracted by all kinds of packaging at the same time, it is sometimes not easy to quickly find a brand of products. The design of product information focused on the focus often plays a role. This design, strong product information, can quickly help customers find the goods to buy. Whether this kind of design method is ideal, this article only makes some shallow discussion, and needs to be further studied by colleagues.

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