Development of aquatic product packaging has added value

At present, international attention has been paid to the preservation of aquatic products, and there are many new fresh-keeping methods. The following are introduced:

1, fish preservation - the United States invented a method of fish preservation, the newly caught fish into a plastic bag, the bag into the mixed gas (mixed gas carbon dioxide 60%, oxygen 21%, nitrogen 19%), sealed After being packaged and placed in an ordinary warehouse for 4 weeks, the appearance and taste of the fish did not change, just as it had been captured.

2. Canned live fish - There is a kind of live fish canned in the Japanese market. Live fish are soaked in a coma after being soaked in a canned state and will not die within two weeks. Remove from cans before cooking, and wake up in clear water for 10 minutes. Live fish canned is easy to carry, clean and delicious.

3, delivery of live shrimp packaging - Japan developed a special package for transporting live shrimp. The container is made of polyethylene as the outer layer, and ice is crushed between the two layers. The sterilized seawater is filled in a polyethylene tank where live shrimp is moved, and then the lid is sealed and sealed for transportation. Even if the outside temperature is as high as 40°C, the survival rate of live shrimp can be maintained at around 90% within 24 hours.

4. Fresh oyster preservation - The New Zealand Marine Fisheries Research Institute has invented a new process that allows raw oysters to be preserved for long periods of time while maintaining their umami taste. The process is to wash the live oysters harvested immediately after sterilization at a temperature of 100° C. and a pressure of 13 Kg/m2. The sterilized oysters are then blister-packed with vacuum aluminum foil. After the consumer purchases, the oysters are heated 2~3 in a microwave oven. Eat it in minutes.

5, frozen frozen fish and shrimp packaging - a food factory in Myanmar to produce frozen fish and shrimp products, the product was vacuum sealed sterilization treatment, durable storage, health, delicious, fast food can replace canned foods. 6, squid fillet packaging technology - the United States Crown Holdings Limited recently developed a new squid fillet packaging technology, that is, heat sealing can open the lid technology 0, covered with a pull ring, it is easy to lift the lid Easy to eat.

Source: Fisheries Getting Rich Guide

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