Create a built-in cloakroom for your comfort and put your wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the current shortage of land resources and expensive land, maximizing the use of space is an indispensable skill. As far as home decoration is concerned, the wardrobe is the highlight of girls. The cloakroom is their yearning. Do you want to create a cloakroom for your woman in a limited space? You can actually do it.

In the spacious bathroom, you can use the entrance to make a row of wardrobes and set up a large-area mirror to extend the vision. With a mezzanine layout, the mezzanine can be used to make a simple cloakroom with a corridor ladder. The size of the cloakroom does not have to be large, and a large amount of clothing can be stored by using shelves, drawers, and the like.

Overall wardrobe

The built-in cloakroom is more economical and easy to clean.

Solid wood wardrobe

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