Corrugated cardboard box die-cutting indentation of the main process points (4)

6. Die-cut indentation

After the die-cutting indentation plate and the indentation mold are placed in the die-cutting indenter, die-cutting indentation processing can be performed. Prepare a corrugated cardboard with die-cutting indentation and place it on the paper-feeding station. First test pressure. If the sample is partially normal and part of the cut is continuous, then padding must be done in a local area. Use a 0.05-mm-thick cardboard. Adhere to the bottom of the die plate to compensate the die cutter highly. When there are still individual places die-cut after a partial pad, the position pad is required, and the position pad is used to directly adhere to the bottom of the die cutter with a narrow pad to compensate the height of the cutting line. After passing inspection, formal production will be carried out. The quality of the product is checked at any time during production, and problems are discovered and dealt with in a timely manner.

7. Die-cutting and creasing machine

Die-cutting indentation presses have different types of presses, including flat and flat presses and round presses. The combination of die-cutting indentation, embossing, embossing, bronzing, etc. forms a multi-functional device that is very popular among users.

(1) Flat Press Flat Die Marker

Flat die-cutting and die-cutting creasing machines are available in both vertical and horizontal formats. They are available in four sizes, open, open, and so on.

Horizontal flat die-cutting and die-cutting creasing machine is the main model and it is widely used. The international advanced level of die-cutting speed can reach 12,000 sheets/hour, and the precision of die-cutting can reach 0.01 mm. The die-cutting speed of similar domestic products can reach 9,000 sheets/hour, and the die-cutting accuracy can reach 0.10 to 0.15 mm. The price of domestic die-cutting machines is equivalent to 1/4 to 1/3 of the price of similar foreign products.

Some horizontal flat die cutting and creasing machines use PLC programmable controller and LCD touch screen to control and operate, which can realize data input, storage and communication with the lower machine, and can archive the machine data and related data. And can automatically calculate the step and step. Using advanced frequency control technology and blade-type rapid evacuation technology, photoelectric registries are used in place of the front gauges and side gauges to realize automation in paper feeding, die-cutting indentation, paper collection, counting, fault display, and inspection. . Some models have the most advanced holographic stamping capabilities, and they have become more mature with other machines.

Most of the vertical die-cutting and creasing machines are manual paper feeds, which have higher labor intensity, lower production efficiency, and less die-cutting indentation width, which is suitable for small batch production.

(2) Round flat die-cutting and creasing machine

The die-cut indentation printing plate portion of the flat-press die-cutting die-cutting indentation machine is transformed into a drum form, and the embossed portion is a flat plate, which becomes a round-pressing flat die-cutting and creasing machine. Round-press flat die-cutting creasing machine installs steel knife and steel wire on the drum. Steel knife and steel wire are special for drum-shaped printing plate. This die-cutting creasing machine is used less often.

(3) Round press die cutting and creasing machine

Circular die-cutting die-cutting creasing machine is to arrange the steel knife and steel wire on the drum, and the creasing die is installed on the other drum, and the upper and lower two rollers form a group. There are also models in which steel knives and steel wires are respectively arranged on two rollers. Circular die-cutting die-cutting creasing machine is in line contact when die-cutting indentation, die-cutting pressure is much smaller than flat-pressing flat type, the equipment power is small, and the running stability is high. The production speed is high, the cutting speed is above 100m/min, and some models can reach 300-350m/min. Circular die-cutting die-cutting creasing machine has a high-precision registration device and die-cutting phase adjustment device, and can obtain quite high die-cut indentation accuracy. Circular die-cutting and die-cutting creasing machines have been widely used by some foreign manufacturers. Due to high prices, their use in China has been limited. This die-cutting and creasing machine is suitable for mass production, and is especially suitable for connecting with a printing press into an automatic production line.

(4) Roll paper cutting and creasing machine
Roll paper die-cutting creasing machine has round-pressed round flat and flattened type, which is a kind of machine for die-cutting and creasing of rolled paper board feeding paper. It is generally wired and online two kinds of processing methods. The off-line processing method is to use a printing machine to print the reel paperboard, and then put the reeled paperboard reeled on the reel machine onto a die-cutting and creasing machine feeding frame for die-cutting and indentation processing. The off-line processing method is characterized by the fact that the printing press has no connection with the die-cutting creasing machine and is not restricted to each other. High-speed printing presses can use more than one die-cutting machine to cooperate with the printing press, or increase the boot time of the die-cutting creasing machine.

The in-line processing method is that the die-cutting and creasing machine is connected with the printing machine to form a co-motivator, and the production is started from a roll paperboard with a printing and die-cutting indentation process. This method can reduce the operator, but generally the speed of the printing press is higher, the speed of the die-cutting creasing machine is lower, the speeds of the two cannot be matched, and the speed of the printing press can only be reduced. It is impossible to increase the speed of the die-cutting creasing machine and make the productivity higher. affected.

(5) Inline die-cutting and creasing machine

On-line die-cutting and creasing machine is to connect the die-cutting creasing machine with the printing machine (such as flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine, offset printing machine, embossing and embossing machine, etc.) to form a linkage machine. Couplings generally use reel materials, which have high production speeds, high productivity, short production cycles, simplified management, and reduced costs. Couplings require highly accurate electronic register technology and are widely used in offset, gravure, and flexographic printing lines.

The on-line die-cutting creasing machine has on-line flat die-cut die-cutting creasing machines and on-line round-pressing die-cutting creasing machines. Compared with the sheet-fed die-cutting and creasing machine, the on-line die-cutting creasing machine uses the web, does not need to bite the teeth row, and has high die-marking indentation speed; on-line die-cut indentation adopts registration mark positioning; on-line die-cutting The creasing paper transport is continuous and efficient.

Source: China Carton Network

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