Continuous supply failure solution case 5-ink cartridge leak

Failure phenomenon:

â—‡ In normal use, an entire line of air appears in an ink delivery line.

â—‡ In normal use, each ink supply line is filled with air.


As mentioned above, there is a small section of air always on the upper part of the print cartridge connected to the continuous ink supply system, this is to avoid the ink self-flow phenomenon caused by the siphon principle. If you see some small air bubbles in the ink delivery line, don't worry, they will be absorbed by the air layer on the top of the print cartridge. This is normal.

The air layer on the top of the ink cartridge will expand or contract with the change of indoor temperature. When the printer is not in use, if there is an air section of no more than 150 mm in the ink delivery line at the interface with the print cartridge, this is due to the air Caused by expansion is normal. However, if there is an air segment in the entire ink delivery line, this is caused by air leakage from the ink cartridge or an unsealed joint at the ink injection elbow.

If an entire line of air appears in an ink delivery line, check the seal between the ink injection elbow and the print cartridge interface. You can remove the ink injection elbow and check it, and then plug it in again. If each ink supply line is filled with air, check the print cartridge for leaks and replace the cartridge (in most cases, the cartridge label is not sealed).

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