Common problems before printing

1, where bleeding is not required, as well as a single color corner.

2, the text did not turn the curve. Frequent fonts are a hassle, and if we don't have the same font as you, it will delay your precious time.

3, CorelDraw file has a large number of rotating bitmaps. After rotating the bitmap output, it is very easy to be bad and you need to re-run the bitmap in CorelDraw.

4, CorelDraw file in a variety of effects before the output separation or indexing, otherwise the results ... ... it is difficult to predict. In addition, single black (k100) shadow please turn four-color (C100M100Y100K100), otherwise the single dark shadow will make other color version hollow, and it will be difficult to see when printed out.

5. Check if there are lines less than 0.076mm (especially 0.001mm) in the file. Lines less than 0.076mm are difficult to print.

6, Illustrator files have free points. Delete it, please. Even if you do not delete it, we will delete it.

7. The PageMaker file link map has RGB mode and EPS file with JPEG compression. Both output will be black and white. The only solution is to convert the RGB mode to CMYK in Photoshop and convert the JPEG-compressed EPS file to normal ASCII or binary EPS. Because the list is too small to write too many words, it is incomplete, but it is often encountered in our work. I hope everyone can avoid it.

In addition, when I wrote this, I also wrote something similar, but the things with different angles are also listed. Although there are some repetitions, I still hope to help everyone:

1. In CorelDraw, put PSD format files. Please merge the layers first. If the picture in the PSD format is rotated, or the TIF picture has redundant channels, the picture may be damaged when the output is output. The picture should be re-mapped in CorelDraw once.

2, CorelDraw application "pattern coloring" (CorelDraw10/11/12 called "pattern filling"), rotation or deformation, the pattern cutting position will change, please note when the imposition (solution is to transfer) .

3, CorelDraw text typesetting, if the text is copied from WORD or Notepad, the need to remove the double-byte spaces (use WORD search / replace), or prone to "bad words" and the situation of running.

4, CorelDraw9/10 paragraph text turn curve skill: draw a rectangle on the paragraph text that needs to turn the curve, press Alt + F3 to call out the filter dock window, select the "transparency" filter, adjust the "proportion" to 100, Click "Freeze" (this is the most critical step), "Remove Face", and then click "Apply". The text of the paragraph will turn into a curve.

5. In PageMaker, please change the RGB link graph to CMYK, otherwise the output will be grayscale.

6. When using composite fonts in PageMaker, when delivering the output center, please indicate the corresponding Chinese and English fonts. 7, the line width is generally not less than 0.076mm (sometimes because of convenience in the CORELDRAW hook map, the default line is changed to 0, the output forgot to change back ...). Less than 0.04mm is basically not printable.

8. Black (K100) defaults to overprinting (except bitmaps). If overprinting is required, please specify.

9, Word document text is easy to move, please provide a sample draft.

10, some fonts after the curve will become "hollow", such as the body _GB2312, imitation Song _GB2312, Han Ding black Jane, Han Dingmei black Jane, etc., please use with caution. In addition, some places where English characters turn after the curve will be hollowed out, but also pay attention.

Source: Shenzhen Technician College

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