Chuzhou city will hold seven hiking and outdoor activities this year

Zhangzhou city will hold seven hiking and outdoor activities this year. Date:2016-02-15 11:07

On January 31, the reporter learned from the summary and commendation conference of the 2015 Mountaineering Association's work that the city will hold seven mountain climbing and outdoor activities this year.

These activities include: Finding the roots of Shennong Shonan Line outdoor large-scale activities, China Giants Hiking West Stream Scenery, 8.8 National Fitness Day, Guidong Alpine Meadows Cross Country Trekking Challenge and Music Tent Festival, Hunan, Guangdong, and Jiulong River Cross-Country Walking 50 km The 5th Feishan Mountain Cross-Country Challenge Tour & Camping Conference etc.

It is reported that the City Mountaineering Association last year focused on organizing the Hunan Provincial Weight-bearing Mountaineering and Mass Mountaineering Competition (Cangzhou Station), Hunan Province Mountain Outdoors and Luancheng County Leisure Sports Tourism Festival, Guidong Qingzhuxian Walking Walking and Music Beer Tent Festival, The 4th Feishan Mountain Cross Country Challenge Competition and the National Camping Conference and other activities.

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