Cecilia Cheung's fragrance technique

The gorgeous appearance of the perfume, the mysterious color, always makes people involuntarily like it, it can not only show the personality of the person, but also represent the taste of a person. This personal portrait that can't be seen with the naked eye is an indelible mark, a slender, magical "tail" that blends into a part of the body, lingering and lingering. Let's learn about Cecilia's fragrant skills .

Cecilia Cheung's fragrance technique

Bai Zhi's selection of incense tips

When choosing a fragrance, don't try to smell more than 3 flavors at a time. Frequent trials will saturate your sense of smell, making it almost impossible to distinguish between different fragrances.

The best way to try the fragrance is to pick only one kind of perfume in the counter, spray it on the wrist or the back of the hand in a small amount, and then leave it, so that the alcohol in the perfume will naturally evaporate with your body temperature, only the fragrance will let you experience it.

For the use of perfume, Bai Zhi's special recommendation is to wear perfume when wearing a swimsuit. “Because the smell of perfume is especially fragrant when swimming!”

Perfume in her, is still a magic weapon to attract the opposite sex, "I really love perfume, I tell you, every man, no matter how beautiful you are, but you have a fragrance, the boy must have some feeling for you. .

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