Brand environmental protection sheet hundred treasures teach you the color of the floor

It is a truth to choose the color of the floor and the bottom of the soup.

The floor is the background color of the home. If the first eye of the door is likened to a painting, the color of the floor and the wall determines the color tone, and the line of the furniture and the details of the soft decoration determine the style.


1 , the light is poor, the place is small - light color, less pattern, preferably the floor of high-gloss material.

This kind of floor is a small-sized savior. The secret of a small apartment is the blurring of the ceiling between the ceiling, the wall and the floor. The closer the color is, the better the blurring effect.


White floor is a common supporting role for Nordic homes. It is easy to scratch the white floor paint. Many people are also guilty of white. In addition to being not resistant to dirt, it is also one of the reasons why it is easy to drop paint. However, the use of traces of the floor is officially pursued by many people. of.

If the light is not good, remember to buy a glossy surface, one meter of sunlight scattered into two meters, a good appreciation of happiness.


2 , the light is good, the area is large - wild models, casual mix.

Because of the large space, the range that can be chosen is also large. Just like most of the basic models of Baibao, the furniture is removed, and it is also the basic quality of the basics. It can be used with almost any style of home.

If the light is particularly good and the layer height is particularly good, you can also choose a darker neutral color. In general, the darker the color, the higher the level, but the premise of sacrificing space.  


3 , no matter what color of the floor, please use the white foot line.

Especially if your home is a small apartment, remember not to use the same color as the floor, especially the apartment, and the same color of the floor will pull the floor down visually.



4 , about the color selection of some large pieces of furniture.

A good way to do this is to take the coloring board and compare it with the furniture when picking the floor.

Of course, it is best to buy a large brand of flooring, quality is guaranteed on the one hand, on the other hand can avoid the wrong version of the color goods.



Baibaobao Ecological Plates tells you a more general principle of matching principles: large pieces of furniture, especially a flat piece of furniture, such as tables, including open kitchen tables, coffee tables, sideboards, etc. Good or close to the ground, or close to the wall. This is the safest approach.




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