Biodegradable foam cushioning material characteristics

Polyurethanes, polyethylene foams, and other plastics have been widely used in the fields of sound insulation, antifreeze insulation, cushioning, shockproof, and high-grade packaging liners. However, they cannot be degraded due to their use. Therefore, they cause “white pollution” to the natural world.

The biodegradable foam shock-absorbing packaging material developed by our company can replace polyurethane, polyethylene foam, and other plastics in performance and use functions, and can be degraded after use and participate in the carbon cycle between humans and nature, thus eradicating the problem. This kind of product causes "white pollution" to nature.

Biodegradable foam shock-absorbing packaging material has the characteristics of high starch content and large biological content. With unique foaming technology and advanced and special foaming equipment, its appearance is basically the same as that of polyurethane and polyethylene foam, and it is in electronic. Electrical products, precision instrumentation and other high-end products have special applications such as buffer shockproof, noise insulation, antifreeze insulation, high-grade packaging pads and other packaging fields. In particular, it has no pollution to the natural world after it is used for disposal. Landfills can be degraded in a short period of time and no black smoke or harmful gases are generated when they are burned.

Biodegradable foam shock-absorbing packaging material as a package, its biodegradable performance is more dominant. The biological content of this type of foamed material is more than 60%, and it has good biodegradability. Because the surface area of ​​the material is increased by 20 to 45 times by the foaming method, the overall degradation rate is greatly increased after it is used to enter a waste disposal system (such as an incineration or garbage dump). However, because it does not have a biodegradable environment in the packaging box, it does not degrade when used as a packaging material and can meet the requirements for use.
The product has the following features:

(1) The added amount of starch is generally more than 40%, and can be controlled at 40%-80% according to the user's needs;
(2) The processing performance and the physical and mechanical properties of the product are as good as those of ordinary plastics and products;
(3) With time control, strain, non-toxicity and expandability, degradation can generally be completed within 200 days;
(4) It can save oil resources, reduce the dependence on oil resources, and improve China's energy security;
(5) Use waste after disposal to meet environmental protection requirements.

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