Before the playground is ready to open, what should you do?

According to China Network News, after the playground's initial site selection investment, equipment purchase, renovation and maintenance, business procedures, staffing and other work are completed, operators can prepare for the opening of the playground. However, before the opening of the business, there are many preparations for the final stage. It is important for you to introduce it here.
I. Warm-up promotion before opening a business (Extended reading>>> Have you done all the preparations before investing in indoor children's playground?)
1. In the three months prior to the opening of the business, the amusement park is located near the shopping mall or commercial area.
2, if there are conditions, the playground around the mall, the city's main location, etc. to promote.
3. About 30 days before the opening of the business, the banner to be opened will be hoisted to attract attention.
4, advance sound quality brochures or color pages and coupons. At the same time, prepare a sufficient number of membership cards.
Second, staff training and management
To guide employees in their work practices, share their experiences with employees. China Travel, Music Equipment Information, and Network reminds the majority of operators that even if they are friends to help with the business, they must complete the basic training process so that employees can enter the state within a very short time.
Third, during the opening of the "people" coup: how to use "child care"?
For example, for example, when a home appliance plays in a city, when people first started to open, the number of people who see people are more often played, and later the manager thought of using the “childcare” method. At the peak of the daily flow, please come Senior players performed demonstrations on dance machines and boxing machines, attracting a large number of customers. There were many customers surrounded by three floors and three floors around the machine. Many customers were infected and directly involved in the game. Others did not have people at all. Play the machine, but also other "child care" to play. China Travel, Music Equipment, and Information Network have learned that, in this way, prospective customers in the video game city will soon become consumer customers. After a week, the revenue and popularity of the video game city will not have to be said. (Extended reading>>> Small details to increase the flow of visitors to make you more profitable)
Therefore, China National Recreational Information System and Information Network understand that new types of equipment or things need guidance, and prospective customers like to imitate. Therefore, it is very important to skillfully use “child care”, which can continuously attract passengers. Operators should not complain that the device itself is not fun. In fact, each type of device has its own playability. Operators can try to select more skilled employees in their stores, or find customers. This method is not limited to video games, such as shooting projects, large-scale amusement projects, children's play equipment, etc. can learn from.

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