Application of common ink additives

Ink additives are auxiliary materials that adjust inks to adapt to different printing conditions. There are many types of ink auxiliaries, commonly used are debonding agent, spreading agent, desiccant, anti-drying agent, thinner, anti-friction agent, varnish, anti-smudge agent, ink adjustment oil, etc. The role of ink additives and how to use them.

1. Spread the adhesive

Viscosity remover has very little viscosity and is generally used in lithographic and relief printing inks to reduce its viscosity. In offset printing, due to changes in paper properties and printing conditions, such as large oil absorption, poor surface strength, and front and back coating conditions, when the amount of desiccant is excessive or the room temperature of the printing workshop is too low, it will cause paper to fluff and print Failures such as stacking and pasting affect the quality of printed products. Therefore, when the above phenomenon occurs, an appropriate amount of debonding agent can be added to weaken and eliminate the above failures.

2. Withdrawal agent

The desalting agent, also known as diluting agent, is a relatively large amount of additives used in offset printing. There are two common desalting agents: one is transparent oil, used for bright ink; one is resin-based desalting agent, used for resin ink. If you find that the ink color is too dark to restore the original during printing, you can add an appropriate amount of lightener to achieve the desired effect.

3. Desiccant

Desiccant is one of the most important printing ink additives. According to the different printing conditions and printing paper, the amount, type and use of desiccant are also different. Commonly used desiccants are red dry oil and white dry oil. Drying of red dry oil is from outside to inside, and white bath oil is dried at the same time as outside. When printing, I choose the type of dry oil according to the drying requirements and ink color. Generally, the amount of dry oil is 2% ~ 3%. If it is too much, it will be suitable, and the drying speed will decrease.

4. Anti-desiccant

The anti-drying agent is also called antioxidant, which is an ink auxiliary agent opposite to the drying agent. During the printing process, due to various reasons, it often causes downtime. When the downtime is longer, the ink on it will dry and peel. In order to solve such problems, it is often necessary to add an appropriate amount of anti-drying agent to the ink on the machine, and run the machine a few times to make it not dry too fast.

5. Thinner

In printing, due to excessive ink viscosity or poor paper quality, failures such as paper shaving and plate-off often occur, which affects the normal progress of printing. At this time, in addition to adding an appropriate amount of debonding agent to reduce ink viscosity, it also A small amount of thinner can be added to reduce the viscosity of the ink, making printing smooth. There are many types of thinners, generally low viscosity No. 6 ink.

Six, anti-friction agent

Friction-resistant agents are also called smoothing agents. Most of these substances are wax-based. When the printing ink particles are coarse, such as white ink, gold and silver ink, etc., adding an appropriate amount of resistance will increase the friction resistance and smoothness of the printed matter .

Seven, varnish

The high-end printed products such as trademarks and picture albums, and the surface of the printed products should be covered with light to achieve the high-gloss effect. When using varnish, the base mix can be added to the ink before printing, or after the printed product is printed. Add a coat of varnish. However, the printed products that have been treated with glazing will yellow after a long period of time, and the light resistance is poor. Therefore, many new varnishes that have replaced varnishes have been applied.

In addition to the above commonly used ink additives, there are anti-smudge agents, anti-foaming agents, printing oil, etc., which will not be repeated here, as long as they are operated in strict accordance with the instructions.

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